We Are One: Making of the #LOMOWALLPH2020 and Event Recap

This month, Lomography Philippines, in partnership with Austrian Embassy Manila, Intramuros Administration, KRIS Library, and Cavemandraws will be launching We Are One, a LomoWall exhibit. Over 1,500 film photographs expressing unique stories by local and international film photographers are displayed in Intramuros until February 29, 2020. This exhibit aims to highlight the beauty of cultural differences in times of unrest.

To build the LomoWall, we asked the help of some volunteers through our social media channels. Shutterspace Studios kindly accommodated us for this activity. Our volunteers were given name tags and worked in pairs. In between creating the panels, we enjoyed some coffee and donuts!

After the LomoWall panels were done, everyone gathered at the pantry for pizza and drinks. It was also the perfect opportunity to check out Fotobaryo, a library and education center dedicated to film photography.

We Are One: Unity In Diversity

Celebrate unity in diversity as we unveil this year's LomoWall in Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier, Fort Santiago, Manila with the theme - We Are One! Visit us from January 29 - February 29, 2020 to see snapshots taken by young photographers from Metro Manila, Marawi, and Zamboanga; by the team behind MAD Travel, a social enterprise traversing Luzon to organize meaningful travel experiences; and by contributors from all over the world.

We would like to thank the lovely, analogue-loving volunteers who spent their weekend with us!

Ruth Grace Babiano
Francis Allen Vianzon
Miguel Aguirre
Jean Labrador
Rina Joy Sanidad
Khimberly Joy Gara
Shannen Torres
Charlene Cariaga
Sela Gonzales
Jose Ignacio Tolentino
Al Alarilla
Ken Prado
Jeckree Mission
Gabriel Lorenzo Syfu
Danielle Takahashi
Rainer Mar Bacus
Angelica Paat
Lawrence Lascano
Mark Anthony Abrigo

Our Diversity is Our Strength

Cool nighttime winds, warm lights, and a simple ceremony awaited the guests during the LomoWall launch last January 29 at Fort Santiago, Manila. Austrian Ambassador to the Philippines Bita Rasoulian and Intramuros Administration administrator Atty. Guiller Asido led the launch of the exhibit along with co-partners Arizza Nocum of KRIS Library and Edgar Alberto of Lomography Philippines.

Photos from We Are One: Unity in Diversity LomoWall PH 2020 © Law Lascano

It was a simple celebration of ideas and humanitarian spirit accompanied by creative photography. The launch ceremony itself was solemn as the guests listened intently to the speeches of the organizers. However, one of the more memorable parts of the night belonged to Arizza Nocum of KRIS Library as she narrated a little bit from her own personal life. Being a child born to a Muslim mother and Catholic father, Nocum understood what it felt like to be out of place, hence expressing her belief in the exhibit's cause with the words: “Our diversity is our strength.”

Photos from We Are One: Unity in Diversity LomoWall PH 2020 © Law Lascano

Guests from different organizations celebrated the night together with frequent trips back to the exhibit area. There were also a variety of food and drinks provided for everyone's enjoyment.

#LomoWallPH2020 is a project in partnership with Austrian Embassy Manila, KRIS Library, Intramuros Administration, and Cavemandraws. Special thanks to Shutterspace Studios, Fotobaryo, and Wonder Photo Shop PH.

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