Painting a Romantic Atmosphere: Lovers' Portraits

Spending the special day with a special someone, or are you about to be the official photographer of your couple-friends this Valentine’s Day? Forget your smartphone camera and make the memory for this new decade's first Valentine's Day extra special with some creative couple portraits. You and your significant other deserve a loving portrait worth a frame on the wall. Add this to your #lomogoals2020 or even #couplegoals list with your partner with these different couple portrait styles and techniques.

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It's Real Love

A picture holds a thousand words. Simple yet sincere gestures make a lasting impact to convey a message that’s as complex as love. We think that taking photographs on the “decisive moment”, that moment when you feel loved and cherished that your body speaks of it without utterance is worth the click of your film camera. What you’d want to do here is to capture the moment as raw as possible, so opt for classic and reliable cameras and gears such as the Lomography Color Negative 400 and the LC-A+. The next time someone asks you “what does love look like”, tell them love looks like these:

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The Romantic Movie Poster

Here’s a shot where both photographer and the couple can have more fun! Knowing you Lomographers, you’ve already seen similarities and patterns with film posters on romantic comedies or dramas. How about recreating your favorite romantic film with these classic poses and straightforward shooting? It’s both fuss-free and fun!

Credits: cisupertramp, novotao, freelancer & dadadome

Amorous Silhouettes

Are you in the mood for love? There’s something fantasy-like with silhouette shots of lovers. What’s considered precious would have a certain flair of an enigma in them — a treasure only meant for two. The best silhouettes must have the best poses that depict the romance. There must be chemistry between the two subjects to create that intimate vibe. Couple silhouettes are best for lovers who want to express their feelings in a subtle manner — black and white film formulas like the Berlin Kino 400 or the Potsdam 400 have cinematic qualities that immediately bring in elegance to such portraits.

Credits: bluelizard, elisaimperi, fotobes & ekeupratama

Red Valentine

The color red happens to be the best representation of love and all that love depicts — fiery, passionate, alive. Be iconic, be unique. Make a bold statement with red filters or redscale film with your couple portrait. Get those cinematic kisses drenched in burning red with a film like the Lomography Redscale film, or do-it-yourself!

Credits: sweetyyydreams, novakmisi, kahovna & chrius57

A World of Our Own

Not all beautiful shots depicting romance are close-ups; zoom out from your subject and capture their surroundings. This technique gives off a feeling of an outsider looking in someone else’s love story, with the background depicting the kind of exclusive universe that the lovers share. You can even play with the perspectives with a Fisheye camera or an ultra-wide-angle lens like the Naiad 15 mm for the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System for that globular look.

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the backgrounds by 'smudging' them. How? Through shallow depth of field. You can stylize your bokeh and make your pictures look like Impressionist paintings with art lenses like the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens with its Waterhouse Aperture System.

Credits: prabu, suizidekid, zkaz, veronika_read, roodolfzmostu & shaunladd

Instant Crush

We believe that the perfect lovers’ portraits must consist of three elements: intimacy, memory, and candidness. Portraits taken with instant cameras automatically put your portraits into the context of being personal treasures —whether you opt for the iconic square look with the Lomo’Instant Square Glass or the Lomo’Instant Wide for wider borders perfect for scribbling and memory-making.

Credits: lomography, driftusmaximus, phyllistc, _wool_x & irder

We hope you have. A lovely Valentine’s Day! Share your day in pictures by uploading them to your LomoHome.

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