Around the World in Analogue: Purple Days in Brisbane


The city of Brisbane is the most populated city in Queensland, Australia. The life of the city can be found outdoors, filled with fun parks and major landmarks, eclectic art scene, buzzing markets, delectable cuisine and its spectacular sunny urban vista perfect for LomoWalks. It's a very popular tourist destination as it's also home to several surf beaches, located both north and south of the city. There's just always something to do in this city, pushing you to live your life to the fullest. Our Lomographer Alison Grant, a.k.a. AMGBRISSIE takes her Canon A-1 and loads it up with a roll of LomoChrome Purple film to share her own words and pictures of the city.

Brisbane is a city that revolves around the river, which is highly accessible as it winds through the city. You can walk along the river from Regatta to Portside if you don’t mind being out in the sun, heat, and humidity which dominates Brisbane’s subtropical climate.

On a sunny, warm winter day in August, I walked along the river from the Kurilpa Bridge to New Farm Park. It’s a great walk with so much to see and photograph along the way. I started at Roma St. and walked across the Kurilpa Bridge to the Cultural Centre which includes GoMA and amazing brutalist buildings built in the 1980s when the whole area was regenerated.

Then I walked through Southbank Parklands, which has great restaurants, markets, picnic areas, and the beach. From there I walked across the Goodwill Bridge, a pedestrian and bike bridge across the river that goes into the Botanic Gardens.

The walk took me passed Old Government House, the blooming wattle and river mangroves. Walking along the river there’s City Cats and steamboats, high rise developments and historic sandstone buildings. Under the Storey Bridge is the Howard St Wharves which was the perfect place to get lunch and a cold cider. And finally, I walked along the new Riverwalk to New Farm Park, this replaced the old boardwalk that was washed away in the 2011 flood.

It’s a fantastic walk which highlights the best of Brisbane. Brisbane gets overlooked by most people who choose to visit other Australian cities and areas, but Brisbane is unlike any other city I’ve ever visited.

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