Louise from The Printed Peanut Customises the La Sardina DIY


Louise Lockhart is an illutrator from the UK. She creates beautiful illustrations out of collage and cut-out paper shapes. These illustions can be seen on teatowels, mugs, soap packaing and more via her company The Printed Peanut. We've been fans of her work for many years now and thought it would be fun to ask her to customise the La Sardina DIY camera.

We asked Louise a bit about herself and the design that she chose for the La Sardina DIY camera.

"I am a freelance illustrator based in Yorkshire, UK. I also design and sell products for my company The Printed Peanut. I am inspired by everyday life around me as well as folk art and vintage ephemera. I make my illustrations by cutting shapes out of paper and then applying colour either by hand or digitally. I wanted to have a design that went through the lens, rather than either side of it, to maximise the space. I love cats so that was the obvious choice! People love taking pictures of cats too. On the back of the camera I wanted to represent nature and the handmade aspect of using an analogue camera. I made a collage using paper cut outs, watercolour paint and glue. It really came together when I fixed the transparent plastic panel over it. I like the contrast of how handmade and slightly messy it looks inside this pristine white camera."

Running your own creative business can be hard work and the pressure to stay creative can sometimes be quite intense. We asked Louise how important is it to stay creative and what she's working on at the moment.

"Massively, the entire thing is driven by creativity. It’s great to try your hand to a varierty of different things, and I love applying my designs onto all manner of surfaces and different products. I usually take a walk in the nature around my home, or visit little towns for inspiration. When you’re feeling a bit stuck, it’s good to make your eyes see new things. Travel is a perfect tonic for creative block! I’m currently working on my 6th children’s book, which is very exciting. I am also developing some new products for The Printed Peanut, such as a paper doll’s house and larger digitally printed silk scarves."

Thanks for taking part Louise! Too see more of her work visit The Printed Peanut website and to be in with the chance of winning this lovely customised cmer visit her Instagram page.

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  1. robertquietphotographer
    robertquietphotographer ·

    That is very nice ! Love the colours ! Now ...I would like to make one myself :-)

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