Dimetri Hogan: Throwback to 90's Fashion & Beauty with the Diana Instant Square


The Diana camera is a known darling for its own aesthetic, and we here at Lomography managed to inject those wonderful qualities into the instant format -- the Diana Instant Square. We have photographer and editor-in-chief of Radiant Room, Dimetri Hogan, collaborating with muse and model Mariama Diallo for a 90's-inspired photoshoot with the Diana Instant Square.

Director/Photographer: Dimetri Hogan; Talent: Mariama Diallo; Beauty: Dee Daly

Mariama Diallo, according to Dimetri, is one of the top models and rising actresses right now. Apart from being a face for amazing campaigns such as Savage Fenty by Rihanna, DVF, KKW Beauty, being featured in magazines L'officiel, NYLON and Marie Claire, you will also catch her on the big screen in the upcoming movies Jungle Cruise with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Lena Waithe's GIRLS ROOM, both set for 2020.

For Dimetri, it's important that fashion shoots should be as comfortable as it can be for both photographer and model. He likens fashion photography to dance, that " if one person is out of synch, then it throws the whole motion off," hence setting the tone and comfort for everyone is crucial. His collaboration with Mariama has been nothing but wonderful, pleasant and at exciting.

"Working with Mariama was an absolute joy, we both had the vision to create something that rose above the standard and came up with just that," said Dimetri. "The inspiration for the shoot came from an iconic 90s era shoot by Ellen von Unwerth of supermodel Naomi Campbell. Mariama brought a special energy to set that kept me on my toes and I can’t wait to create with her more."

Director/Photographer: Dimetri Hogan; Talent: Mariama Diallo; Beauty: Dee Daly

With the help of Dee Daly for the hair and make-up, Dimetri was able to recreate the vintage feel of the '90s using the DISQ. There's a sunny and glamorous vibe to the photographs, a signature of Dimetri's photographic style.

"The DISQ took me some time to figure out but once I got a hang of it I fell in love. One thing about the camera that I am really keen about is the design, it makes me feel like I am in a time machine back in the late '70s creating at the likes of Andy Warhol’s infamous Factory. The colors are beautiful and carefully saturated giving depth to each image I took along with the hot shoe component for better shots in low light situations."

Dimetri recommends wanderlust photographers and creative portraitists to give the DISQ a try as it has all the components to create the shot in your mind -- perfect for storytelling.

Director/Photographer: Dimetri Hogan; Talent: Mariama Diallo; Beauty: Dee Daly

Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with the DISQ, Dimetri! Visit his website and Instagram for more updates and his works.

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