Awesome Trip in Iceland with the Diana'Instant Square

The natural light in combination with the awesome landscape is the perfect match to show a lovely and dreamy land as Iceland. Experience the natural beauty of this land through the eyes of photographer Marco Triolo with the Diana'Instant Square.

© MarcoTriolo

Hi Marco. Welcome to the Lomography Magazine! Please introduce yourself to our community.

Hi, I’m Marco Triolo, I work in the music industry. Ever since I was a child I developed a passion for photography. I started with my father's camera, a “Pentax Me Super” and nowadays, I have a collection of more than 70 cameras and at least 100,000 photos. You can find me on IG with @ocramoloirt and @marcotriolophotography!

How was your trip to Iceland? What impressed you the most?

This is my 3rd trip to Iceland. I decided to go recently in November to discover the real “cold weather” of this stunning island. I think that what impressed me the most would be the Northern lights and the power of nature in general. The Aurora Borealis is a strange phenomenon, it’s impossible to predict it’s exact position or timing and if you are lucky to see it in the sky, it seems to me like a cloud that starts to shine and become a live creature.

© MarcoTriolo

What do you like about the Diana Instant Square?

I think it’s very versatile and easy to use. The Diana'Instant Square has been resilient during the freezing and stormy days, taking pictures even in extreme conditions.

Have you worked with instant photography before? If so, what's been your experience?

Yes, I worked with instant photography before using a Lomo Instant Wide. I’m in love with instant photography because of the beauty in the development process: from blank white paper to an amazing picture.

Any tips for using the Diana Instant Square?

My suggestion would be to put a lot of attention in setting the aperture selector correctly as your success with the photo really depends on it.

© MarcoTriolo

Do you have upcoming analog adventures you would like to share with our readers?

Absolutely yes! My upcoming adventures with Lomography will be a trip from Italy to Spain by car with lots of different stops. I’ll be visiting some stunning places like Pilar’s Dune and at the end of December, I’ll be going to the Canary Islands for an intense full-nature experience.

Want to see more of Marco's work? Follow him on Instagram: @ocramoloirt and @marcotriolophotography

2020-02-21 #culture

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