Violet Visions by Zac Farro with the LomoChrome Purple Film

LomoAmigo Zac Farro is back to share his new analogue shots of the scenic views of the West Coast, all drenched in purple using the LomoChrome Purple Film. Tagging along with him on his analogu trip is model Kayla Graninger.

Model: Kayla Graninger. Photos by: Zac Farro

Zac is no stranger to Lomography, having already tried his hand on the Diana F+ and Lomography films. This time, he took a roll of the LomoChrome Purple to his West Coast trip to capture a different ambiance of the sunny side. Zac's compositions are not quite easy to simply define as he incorporates his entire self into his aesthetics -- a unique photographic signature. How he does this is by simply being true to himself, without pretence.

"Within any media around my art, I really try to be consistent. Whether the clothes, I wear, the film I shoot, the music I make, I want it all to be a reflection of my personality and all derived from the same medium, which hopefully is a reflection of my personality."
Model: Kayla Graninger, Faux Reel. Photos by: Zac Farro shot with our LomoChrome Purple film.

Just as how he is passionate with the drumming for Paramore and for his own music endeavor Halfnoise, Zac takes film seriously. He recently just released his photobook In Transit. Zac is very much passionate with film that he dedicated a music video to all things that are analogue, as seen in All That Love Is with vinyl being his favorite medium of music listening, he chooses film for photography.

"Film feels like it’s alive, the grain and the blurriness or even the focus has some sort of moving aspect to me. You can’t replace the character film has."
Model: Kayla Graninger. Photos by: Zac Farro shot with our LomoChrome Purple film.

Thanks for sharing your cool sights and scenery, Zac! Stock up on the LomoChrome Purple Film from the Online Shop? or visiting a gallery store.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2020-01-16 #gear #places #lomochrome-purple #zac-farro

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