Tenerife Space of Arts

The light passes through 1200 crystals of 720 different shapes and sizes to enter and illuminate the more than 20,000 square meters that make up the Tenerife Space of the Arts, a building designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, and that includes the Museum of Contemporary Art Oscar Dominguez, the Photography Centre Island of Tenerife and the Central City Library.

These 1200 crystals are not randomly located but her status is decided by the pix elated image of an ocean wave, projected onto the walls of the building … because the TEA is a very special building. Concerning contemporary art on the island, its exhibits are a must, and the Center of Photography brings Tenerife Island’s most desirable collections on the international scene in a matter of photography, as well as organizing activities such as instant-Stand, the physic space for the virtual activity The Instant Eye, which meets every first Saturday of the month a loyal following with their cameras loaded to enjoy a pleasant morning shooting.

But obviously is his library the focus of the activities and life of the building. Open 24h, is the nexus of university meeting, opponents, and students of different ages, looking all the same. A quiet and comfortable place, a place where a bit isolated from outside noise and focus on the books, joining long hours of study, day and night … And is when the night came when the TEA becomes something special. At night the lights of TEA take shape, take volume, create a unique identity, which together with the silence of the city make it a sanctuary of knowledge.

Without doubt, a building with many lomographic possibilities, that I hope to discover a whole gradually. The TEA, Tenerife emblem of culture, is a building to visit, to learn, to explore, in an environment where contemporary art and photography come together in a single area of shapes, lights and shadows.

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