Analogue Paris — An Interview With Sara Majada

Travelling is always a great experience, but when you do it with a film camera by your side everything gets more special and nostalgic. Come with us to Paris with the Spanish model Sara Majada and her Diana F+ in this interview.

©Sara Majada. All rights reserved.

Hi! Welcome to Lomography Magazine! Please, introduce yourself.

Hi! My name is Sara. I love to read, travel and cats. I have always been into photography. I started as a model, but I also love to be on the other side of the camera, because I always consider myself as a creative person.

How was your experience in Paris with the Diana F+? Any remarkable experience?

My husband and I are very into photography and we always travel with a couple of cameras each. The Diana F+ is very light so we always take it with us everywhere. It is our little toy. Actually, sometimes we need to ask somebody else to take the picture for us with one of our Lomo cameras and they seem to be scared and surprised about this format.

©Sara Majada with Diana F+. All rights reserved.

Is it your first time with film photography? Why did you choose this format?

I am an 80s kid, so I used to have a camera when I was a child, that I used to take to develop and wait impatient for the results. Nowadays, I do millions of pics with my phone (some of them, totally identical) but the thing is that they stay just there and we forget about them very soon. When we travel, we love to remember and enjoy every single moment and I think the only way to do it is by using film photography. We developed our Diana's photos and lived the experience once again. I also have a Lomo’Instant Havana in a stunning turquoise, and I use the instant pics as illustrations to complete my travel journal. We are such romantic people! And we are obsessed with keep memories against the passage of time.

How did you find the results?

We are especially happy with the results of Paris' pictures. There some photos, like the Eiffel Tower one, that reminds me of a postcard from La Belle Époque. Paris is such a perfect city to capture with the magic of the Lomography cameras.

Which is your next adventure with the Diana? Or do you have any other Lomo camera that is in your list?

Well, it was my birthday last week and I've got a lovely Lomo’Instant Automat as a gift, with so many lens and accessories. I am so looking forward to taking it with me somewhere! Next year, we would like to cross the Ocean and go to New York City for the first time in forever, so both cameras are coming with us for sure!

©Sara Majada with Diana F+. All rights reserved.

Anything else you would like to share with us about your trip and experience?

Even though it was not my first time in Paris, this particular trip was a completely unforgettable experience because we could visit every single corner of this beautiful city. We could enjoy our passion for photography, capturing the uncountable dreamy places full of arts, culture, light, and color that are only available in the stunning Paris. For my husband and me, this trip was more than amazing! And we will always have these beautiful and breathtaking photographs to remember it.

We want to thank to Sara Majada for taking the time to tell us her experience. Don't forget to follow her on Instagram to keep an eye on her next adventures.

written by tatianapons on 2020-01-20 #people #places

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