Shot on Silver: More Inklings on the Berlin Kino 400 2019


The year 2019 was the year we refined the formula of the Berlin Kino 400 mm. More film photographers and artists are swooning over its avant-garde feel. Known to be the cinematic and monochromatic emulsion, we amplified the smooth tonality, rich contrasts and elegant texture of the Berlin Kino 400. Now, the possibilities of black and white photography have expanded. Here's what photographers Akio Nakai, Jhoel Manalo, and Sela Gonzales have to say on the revised edition.

Model: Ayi Ramirez (PH); Photos by Jhoel Manalo (CA) and Sela Gonzales (PH)

Light in Darkness with Akio Nakai

Kanagawa-based Lomographer Akio Nakai a.k.a. akio_nakai is no stranger to the original feel of the Berlin Kino 400, having already tried and tested it last Spring, where daylight and cherry blossom trees get the most love from him. Now, he's back for a different approach for the revised edition of the Berlin Kino 400 This time, he chose a dimly-lit room with musician Masaya Mifune as his muse. He used his trusty Canon A-1 with the Canon F 300 mm T4 lens.

"The film is very cool. The black detail is beautiful. I want to shoot with ISO 1600. think the Berlin Kino 400 has been completed. Feel more completed than in 2018."
Model: Masay Mifune (JP); Photos: Akio Nakai (JP)

Jhoel Manalo: City Noir

When Jhoel Manalo is not working as a health care aide, you'll find him in the streets of Winnipeg in Manitoba, taking black and white shots of the urban scenery. The Canadian photographer would look for harsh light and silhouettes, geometric patterns from shadows. So, we sent him a roll of the Berlin Kino 400 2019 and see what sort of city landscapes he'll be showing to us. Most people wouldn't bother with film photography in the winter, but Jhoel was up to the task of putting the Berlin Kino 400 to the test. In the midst of a bad snowstorm, Jhoel braved the city.

Jhoel developed the photographs himself, using Rodinal 1+50. The results astonished him with the high contrast, crushed blacks and 'white' whites that he often looks for in black and white photography.

"I can see how flexible this film stock could be and I can’t wait to try it again and push it two stops as I normally do with other black and white films I use. It has a very cinematic feel and with the proper lighting, it would make for awesome storytelling through photos... It kind of reminds me of a popular movie B&W film stock in the market but this feels more flexible and would look great pushed. I would love to shoot this again!
Photos: Jhoel Manalo

Sela Gonzales: The Berlin Kino for Everyday Faces

As a shop owner for photography services, Sela Gonzales is always on the lookout for the new and unique advances in the analogue life. The Quezon City-based photographer and marketer is into taking portraits, products, and fine art photographs, and believes that black and white is all about paying more attention to depth, textures, and contrasts when composing images. She managed to test out a roll of the improved Berlin Kino 400 film with model Ayi Ramirez, using a half-frame camera, the Olympus Pen D3. Sela and Ayi went for a simple afternoon outdoor photoshoot, resulting in portraits with its own kind of aesthetic. Sela also tested the film by herself with street photography. Sela developed the film on her own with Ilford Ifosol (8:45), Ilford Stopbath (1 min) and Ilford Hypam (7 min).

"Latitude wise, it's wide. Contrast and tones weren't too deep, making it great for portraits. Texture-wise, I really couldn't tell cos I used it with a half frame. It's a really nice everyday black and white film!"
Model: Ayi Ramirez (PH); Photos: Sela Gonzales (PH)

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  1. thedoublenegatives
    thedoublenegatives ·

    great work Jhoel! It's good to see our "city noir" on the front page of Lomography! From one Winnipeger to another. Keep on Rockin'!!!

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