Stitched Stories: Endless Panoramas with the LC-Wide by LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu


Making the most out of any situation is always a good trait. Especially so when you're a photographer. Our LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu is a fan of surprises (like many of us here in the Community) and her recent encounter with the LC-Wide shows us exactly why.

© Ennuh Tiu, Taken with the LC-Wide

While she was testing the LC-Wide for one of our features, she discovered that she forgot to put the full format mask on. To some, that might be unsettling. To Ennuh, it was a chance to try something new. Instead of taking out the film and putting the mask back on, she figured she'd just go with the flow and continue taking photos. The result was a series of endless panoramas on 35mm film.

© Ennuh Tiu, Taken with the LC-Wide

The LC-Wide is known for its versatility and with the addition of Ennuh's creativity and a huge appetite for spontaneous experimentation, the photos she captured are pure eye candy. Her stitched stories make us want to go and try the panoramas for ourselves. We'd take happy coincidences captured on film any day of the week. Thanks for the tip, Ennuh!

We would like to thank Ennuh for working with us in this feature. If you're interested in her work, you may visit her Instagram for more.

written by cheeo on 2020-01-09 #gear #people #philippines #lomoamigo #lc-wide #lc-w #ennuh-tiu #endless-panoramas

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