Around the World in Analogue: Purple Nazareth

You probably already know why the city of Nazareth is special. So much history has taken place in this city, being the central hub of Christian pilgrimage with rich Arab Muslim roots. Today, it is considered as the "Arab capital of Israel", for having the largest Arab populated city in the country. Nazareth's Old City is known for the traditional market for the authentic local experience and is surrounded by historical and religious sites for any believer, cultural or historical enthusiast out there. Lomographer Maya Jacoby, a.k.a. mjaa recounts her first-hand experience of the beautiful and magical city of Nazareth, as captured with her Nikon camera and a roll of LomoChrome Purple 35 mm. Here are her own words and pictures of the majestic city.

First of all, I live in Israel, a country so small you can drive from north to south in 6-7 hours, so no trip takes too long. But even though my country is small, it is full of beautiful and fascinating travel destinations. From all the great places I sometimes return to the ones I liked the most. I fell in love with Nazareth the first time I've visited the city in my adult life. There was something about the very unique atmosphere, the beautiful streets and the lovely people, all of those made Nazareth one of my favorite travel locations in my country.

The first night we stayed in Nazareth, we slept in a beautiful hostel - Fauzi Azar Hostel. Except for the fact this place is one of the most impressive buildings around town, the staff was super friendly, but we also enjoyed the company of really nice people we met during the happy hour which took place in the small yard between the rooms. The atmosphere was so great that I didn't mind sharing a dormitory room with 10 other people (I usually get spoiled when it comes to sleeping in new places).

There was a bar or restaurant I visited the first time I've been to Nazareth with my boyfriend. This cozy place is called Alreda, probably one of the most fashionable places to get a small dinner or a fancy glass of wine around town. We've been to a few excellent places; the most amazing restaurant is called Luna, a local cuisine restaurant that serves fresh and unique interpretation of traditional dishes. There we definitely had one of the best meals we've eaten lately. I would definitely recommend for Nazareth to food lovers who like to experience a multi-cultural and/or religious style of life, the city is so diverse it's fascinating.

I've mostly visited the old market area, except the fact you can find great food and groceries, it's a very good area to 'get lost' in the ancients narrow beautiful streets. Simply almost every 'stranger' we ran into became a friend very quickly! from a man, we tried to ask for a bit of advice from a man who runs a spice shop and he was just so kind to show us around and tell us the fun stuff about the area. All of the market area is full of great locations to go wild with your camera. Also, because it's a city that's high on mountains it's great to go uphill and take cool photos of what's underneath or the other way around!

Thanks for sharing this amazing story, Maya! Make sure to follow her LomoHome and Instagram for updates!

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