LomoMission Week 9 -Survival 101: Killer Heat Waves


攝氏 31, 32 度的炎熱高溫,確是讓人難抵,但我想它並不見得蒸發掉我們的熱情!相反,給了我們們不能更好的理由出外去,和太陽先生來次最親密的接觸。


無論是到海裡衝浪去、享受心愛味道的冰淇淋,都可以是你最 Lomographic 的時刻;和我們分享你每個難忘時刻,最精彩、最具創意作品可獲 Piggies 獎勵於 網上商店 使用啊!

30, 31, 32 degrees heat is all we get these days! The weather has been mad crazy everywhere as Mr. Sun beats down and make us sweat our summer clothes! Teach us how you survive through the killer heat whether it be going for a splash in the pool, having multiple cold showers or just having an ice-cream! 3 chosen winners will receive 30 Piggies worth HK$300!

  • 截止日期:2010年 8 月 5 日
  • 獎品:三位優勝者會分別每人得到 30 Piggies (價值 HK$300)
  • 每人最多參賽作品:無限
  • 參加方法:上載相片到你的相簿內,然後在這頁下面按「加入相片」,選擇你的相片
  • Lab 使用教學(上載方法)
  • Deadline: 5 August, 2010
  • Prize: 3 winners, each will receive 30 piggies (HK$300, US$30)
  • Max submissions for each user: Unlimited
  • How to submit: upload your photos in the lab, and click Add Photos on this post.
  • Lab tutorial

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  1. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    Spinner photos only?

  2. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    Dear lomographer, sorry for the typo mistake. Analogue photos taken by Lomographic cameras will all be welcomed :)

  3. kaelcat
    kaelcat ·

    this is great! thanks for the clarification!!!!

  4. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    yipee! Thanks!

  5. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    submit us your best shots today ;)

  6. terrence753951
    terrence753951 ·


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