Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech

Djema el Fna is an amazing square located in Marrakech, Morocco. It’s a space where everything is always changing. Djema el Fna is probably the most well known square in all Morocco. It is located in Marrakech, just beside one of the sides of the traditional souk. It can be considered as a mutant space because it is always changing, not only the people there but also the activities.

During the day, the less crowded period, it’s easy to walk around and there are a lot of orange juice stalls, snake charmers and some boys with small monkeys trying to take a picture with them (of course and making you pay for that, not very lomographyc I think). But even with fewer activities it’s important to visit during that daylight to get the idea and to understand how big is that space.

When the sun it’s starting to go down it’s the time that the square becomes totally active, it’s insane how the things happen during the sunset. A lot of food sellers arrive mounting their outdoor restaurants in the middle of the square, turning it in a really big food market where you can taste a lot of different traditional meals. Walking in the middle of the tents can be a difficult because the sellers are always trying to make you choose their restaurants, so it’s necessary to keep calm and try to enjoy the game.

But the thing that is impossible to miss is the opportunity to go to the rooftop of a coffee shop in the corner of the Djema el Fna and have a drink at the same time that you’re watching the view. I stayed there a couple of hours watching the sunset and the spatial evolution.

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