Majestic LomoChrome Purple Visions, As Shot By Social Media Testers

Since LomoChrome Purple is such a unique film, we are always curious and excited to see what you can come up with it. Now we're back with three photographers who wowed us with their purple-tinted visions. Have a look!

Muzzy Stardust

Muzzy Stardust is an artist from Gdańsk, Poland. When asked about her creative vision, she says that it is to create a magical world through her art. "I make photographs, music, and design clothes (Fantasia Superstar). Art is what makes me truly happy." Her obsession with the psychedelic 60s to 70s era makes the LomoChrome Purple a perfect film for her to try! Here are her thoughts about the film.

"I love my art to be surreal, dream-like, super-colorful so I was excited to shoot with LomoPurple. I was really blown away with the results, the film is absolutely one of a kind. For this shoot, I used a Mamiya 645, Mamiya/Secor 55mm with FOG A-HOYA filter. To future shooters of LomoChrome Purple film, I would suggest playing with different light, cameras, backgrounds. Your art should make you happy so just have fun!"

Credit: Muzzy Stardust

Edward Conde

Hailing from the City of Angels, Edward Conde is a Lomographer who documents the streets of Los Angeles and his travels, and will happily promote Lomography to anyone who would listen! He also hosts two podcasts, both available on iTunes: Grainy Dayz Podcast and Ultra-Low ISO Club Podcast.

Shooting with the LomoChrome Purple, he says, made him think of the colors he was photographing — like how the film would change greens, reds, blues, and other colors in the scene. "With the other Color Negative films being “normal” I normally never take the palette of colors in a scene into consideration. So the purple made me think a little bit."

Credit: Edward Conde

Edward used his Lomo LC-Wide with the square mask in this photo set, and played withe the ISO range between 100 to 400. "I have been shooting my LC-Wide with the half frame mask religiously for over a year and have fallen in love with it. So I decided to give the square mask a try and see how things look. So far I am digging the look with the square mask. The versatility of the LC-Wide is amazing. It is like carrying 3 cameras in one body! "

Lastly, Edward shares a tip to future LomoChrome Purple users: "Don’t think just shoot! HAHA. Take your time and experiment. Look for colors in a scene and you will be happily surprised with the results. Most importantly, have fun with the film!"

Credit: Edward Conde

Elisabeth Dare

Elisabeth Dare is a nomadic analogue photographer, US National Park Ranger, and visual artist from Seattle, Washington. The imperfect, organic quality of film is what draws her in to shoot analogue. Because she spends most of her time deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, she is greatly inspired by "the magic of nature and small, dusty towns in this part of the US."

We asked about her experience shooting the LomoChrome Purple. "The colors produced by Lomochrome Purple are unmatchable. I particularly love the contrast between deep purples and the turquoises that the film produces. Shot at 400 it produced nice grain that I really like as well."

Credit: Elisabeth Dare

"These two images are my favorites. The first demonstrates how much color change there is in a deep green image- I love the saturation. The second really shows how nice the film works even indoors with very low light. Beautiful contrast."

Credit: Elisabeth Dare

Thank you to these amazing photographers for sharing their photos and stories. We'll be featuring more first impressions soon, so stay tuned!


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