The Streets of Spain: Shooting on Film with Katie Burzon

Brooklyn-based architect and photographer Katie Burzon took our CN 800 film with her to Spain to document her travels. Check out the photos from her trip below.

Shot with Lomo CN 800. ©Katie Burzon

Hi Katie! Welcome to Lomography Magazine. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Katie. I live in Brooklyn. I’m an architect by day, and I explore shooting film through that lens.

What is this series about?

The series was shot on a trip with some friends in Xaló, Spain. Traveling allows me to be most expressive and curious on film. The photos are not only the moments and memories I captured on the trip but also a way of documenting space for me. I think especially as an architect, conveying spaces and places have always been an interest and a challenge. Film channels that well — it’s place-making and you can tell a story.

What was your experience like photographing this subject?

Shooting in a new place is about always being ready to capture what’s around you. I’m most often interested in buildings and forms, but also how people interact with these things can make a great photo. It’s what makes each place unique. In Spain, we traveled around a lot in the car; to and from the beach, into villages and cities, through the mountains. I often found myself snapping photos from the car window to capture moments that are so fleeting!

Shot with Lomo CN 800. ©Katie Burzon

Why do you enjoy using Lomo film?

As someone who is just beginning to explore film, Lomo is great. For this trip, I shot on Lomo 800, which I found reliable to capture every moment from the start of the day to the end. You never know where the trip will take you! It’s reasonably priced and great quality so it offers and encourages creative exploration. Above that, the color and clarity is great. I was most happy with the richness of the shots from my trip. Receiving the developed film reminded me of the beauty of España all over again!

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written by sragomo on 2020-01-08 #gear #culture #places

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