Square Shots: Adam Rindy and the Lomo'Instant Square

LA-based photographer Adam Rindy brings the Lomo'Instant Square on many fashions shoots he works on. We recently chatted with him about his experience with the camera. Check out his photos here.

Shot with the Lomo'Instant Square camera. ©Adam Rindy

Hi Adam! Please introduce yourself to the magazine.

Hello, my name is Adam Rindy. I'm a photographer based out of Los Angeles. I moved out here almost 14 years ago to pursue a career in photography, and have been out here ever since.

How did your interest in photography/instant photography begin?

My biggest interest in photography stemmed from running around causing trouble with my friends when I was younger. I always wanted to document what we were doing at all times, whether it was good or bad, so I always carried a camera around with me. Shooting all my friends is really what created a love for shooting people, and it has evolved from there.

What do you enjoy most about shooting with the Lomo'Instant Square? Tell us about what your experience creating with it is like.

One of my favorite things about this camera is that it's a lot more compact than most other instant film cameras. That makes it easy to actually carry around, and use on the fly. My second favorite thing about this camera is the controls. It has just enough to play around with and be creative, instead of just a simple point and shoot. I think my favorite thing about it though has to be the double exposure setting.

Pick a photo and tell us the story behind it.

Shot with the Lomo'Instant Square camera. ©Adam Rindy

Like a lot of instant photos I take, this one was taken on the set of a job I was working on. I had the LISQ on the side of me set to the bulb setting by accident, and I just picked it up real fast and snapped the photo. That extra bit of shutter combined with the flash created a bit of a happy accident. For me, these little accidents are what makes shooting on instant film so much fun.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? Any instant photography projects in the works?

I'm currently working on a large scale instant film project that I've loosely been working on for about 10 years now. The project involves all the instant film images I've shot over that course of time, and will continue to shoot for another 5-10 years maybe? I really don't know. I eventually want to do a show of everything. If I had to guess I probably have around 15,000 images to showcase. Lomo has been a big help with whether know it or not. I'm always looking for new instant items, cameras, films to further expand on it. So maybe check back in 5 years and we'll see how it's progressed.

Shot with the Lomo'Instant Square camera. ©Adam Rindy

Check out more of Adam's work on his Instagram and website.

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Lomo'Instant Square Glass

Lomo'Instant Square Glass

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