Snap Happy: LomoAmigo Gerry Krista Tries Out the New Petzval 55 MK II Art Lens

Weddings are always wonderful and beautiful. It's a celebration of the life of two would-be life partners and that alone makes it worth capturing. One of our newest LomoAmigos happened to be a talented wedding photographer so we grabbed the chance to have him test the newest addition to our Petzval Art Lens family — the Petzval 55 MK II Art Lens. What could be more perfect to capture than that of two people happily in love?

Gerry Krista is a wedding and fine arts photographer based in Indonesia and he knows how to handle a lens well. His work revolves around capturing people's happiest moments on film as well as megapixels. He tried out the new Petzval 55 MK II for one of his recent shoots and here are the results. Congratulations to the happy couple!

© Gerry Krista

Hi, Gerry and welcome to the Magazine! How was your experience with the Petzval 55 MK II?

It was an interesting experience — to be able to try a lens that has a very unique character. In the beginning, you might have to get used to it especially with how to adjust and control the bokeh level. It somehow reminded me of using a tilt-shift lens but overall it was an interesting experience. It produces great color and nice image quality on my Sony camera. what a cool lens to use!

© Gerry Krista

What did you like about it?

Obviously the bokeh! Or we can say the tilt bokeh control, especially when we take photos in close distance. It can produce unique bokeh characters so the images will get unique character and can produce a mood that suits to my shooting character (I often shoot wedding photos and fine art portraits.)

What do you think is the best way to enjoy the Petzval 55 MK II? What was your favorite thing about it?

To be honest, I think the Petzval was made for special conditions. It was designed to take photos with a certain distance, and of course, this lens is good for portraits and in my opinion is very good for close-up portraits or if you want to produce character images that are unique and moody.

What are your tips for users who are just trying it out?

In my opinion, just try as many things as possible with this lens. Starting from the control bokeh to photos in long-distance or close. I personally do not really like the choice of the various shapes of bokeh, but maybe for those of you who want or like to try a variety of unique bokeh, this lens is very suitable. It has a choice of various unique and interesting bokeh shapes (ex: the shape of a heart, star, etc.)

© Gerry Krista

How has this new lens complement your shooting style?

Like I said before, it's perfect if I want to produce moody images or romantic vibe, and for close up portraits. It will be nice if I could try it on a film camera. :)

What is your favorite image from this shoot? Why?

My favorite images in this shoot would have to be the close-up portraits. I can produce photos with a character that cannot be produced by other lenses.

We would like to thank Gerry for letting us feature his images in the Magazine. If you're interested in his work, you may head over to his Instagram to see more.

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