Make it Your Own: FilmstripFlips Builds the LomoMod No.1

FilmstripFlips is a camera repair and customizing shop based in the Philippines and they've churned out some of the cleanest and properly done custom jobs we've seen. If you're from the Philippines and you need to have some gorgeous custom work done on your camera, you should definitely check them out.

LomoMod No.1 © Allan Malubay of FilmstripFlips

We were lucky enough to squeeze into their busy schedule and had them build the LomoMod No.1 and it's no surprise that they've done a swell job. FilmstripFlips main man Allan Malubay took the challenge and even went beyond our expectations. Read on to see how he built this medium format DIY camera and lens kit down below.

Hi, Allan and welcome to the Magazine! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Here’s what u need to know about me and my current hustle. FilmstripFlips is owned and managed by Allan ‘Curly’ Malubay who’s also a photo enthusiast of both digital and film, fairly new to camera repair services he started tinkering and fixing analog cameras about four years ago.

With a background in electronics and mechanisms, he started fixing his and friends’ cameras collections. Word got out and the rest, as they say, is history. His advocacy is “Keeping Film alive one analog camera at a time.”

LomoMod No.1 © Allan Malubay of FilmstripFlips

How was your experience building the LomoMod?

My OCD kicked in the moment I made the first cut. Again, it makes you think from the start which is good. Some black pigment used on the paper sticks on your hands though so I’d recommend the cardboard to have some clear coating or lamination to prevent this.

What did you like about it? What do you think the camera is best suited for?

It makes you think, and that’s what is lacking with today's toys and gadgets. It’s clearly an experimental camera so I wanted to play with long exposures in high-contrast locations and take advantage of color liquids that the lens was designed for.

LomoMod No.1 © Allan Malubay of FilmstripFlips

What are your tips for first-time users?

Take time building it. No need to rush since it's really going to be a pain when you mess up some steps.

What kinds of tools would you recommend for would-be builders?

I'd definitely recommend using an Exacto knife for precise cuts. You might also need something to smooth some of the edges as this will prevent crimping on the cardboard.

LomoMod No.1 © Allan Malubay of FilmstripFlips

What kinds of mods would you do to it if given the chance?

I’m really planning on slapping some paint on this thing and probably customize a viewfinder.

Thank you, Allan for working with us in building the LomoMod No.1! We're excited to see what other kinds of customization that Allan can come up with in the future. If you're interested in his work, you may visit their Facebook page to see more.

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