Happy Faces: London Pride Parade with Petzval 58 Lens by Laura Laviani


We're always in the mood for love and equality, and photographer Laura Laviani paints sights and portraits of the lovely faces, passionate and proud spirits of pride parade-goers in London earlier this year with the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens. Check out this interview with Laura on her experience with the Petzval and the pride parade.

© Laura Laviani

Welcome to Lomography! Please introduce yourself!

Hello Lomography! My name is Laura Laviani and I am currently a student studying media. I would describe myself as a third culture kid having spent time growing up in Jakarta, Singapore, and Guangzhou. I am currently settled in Hong Kong (it’s my fifth year here!) and so far I am loving this city.

Since when you start your photography journey?

As a kid, my mom would always let me take family photos because she says I am good at it. Haha. I would say I really got interested in photography when I was around 12- it was when they first started having phones with cameras on it, although the pictures were very pixelated. I remember being obsessed with taking photos of absolutely everything and anything.

© Laura Laviani

Apart from the digital camera, we know you also take photos by film. Why would you still use the film in this digital era?

I feel like there has been a wave of people getting back into the film world again. For me, I love the anticipation of waiting until the end of your roll of film to see the outcome. I am a huge fan of how raw the colors and the moments are when you take a photo with a film. With smartphones, you seemingly can take unlimited shots but with film, it is mostly the feeling of capturing one shot in one moment.

We love your photos by Petzvel 58 lens! Would you please tell us something about this pride parade?

Oh yes! I happened to be in London during the 2019 Pride parade and I was thinking that it would be a great chance to take some photos with the Petzvel 58. People in the Pride parade were so lovely! I walked around the busy streets and took loads of photos of everyone in their best colorful outfit and people would just smile into the camera. People at Pride definitely love having their photos be taken!

© Laura Laviani

How’s the experience with Petzvel 58 lens? Do you like it?

The lens is amazing! I love the swirly bokeh effect on the lens, it is really unique and manages to give the subject a dramatic yet soft look.

Do you have upcoming projects? Please invite our readers.

Just very busy with schoolwork at the moment but please feel free to see what I get up to on my Instagram or my Tumblr for more of my film photos!

© Laura Laviani

Thanks Laura brought us to the Pride Parade! Remember to check out her Instagram for more updates!

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