Linus, His Camera and a Whole Lot of Purple


If you are, like us, constantly browsing the internet for film photography inspiration, you will sooner or later come across one of Linus' accounts. Linus and his camera is what he goes by on the internet, and from the amount of content he is putting out there, we actually very much believe that there is no Linus without his camera around his neck.
We could feature many of his photographs, but this particular series, shot on LomoChrome Purple Film particularly stuck out to us.

Linus Johnson with Model Mariela Ferreria –– shot with LomoChrome Purple 120 ISO 200-400

21-year-old Linus Johnson fell in love with photography around the same time he had the desire to be an actor and video creator. While the latter eventually faded, photography stuck with him. When he then discovered film photography last year, he was once and for all hooked: He decided to make it his full-time career by the end of 2020. With educational videos and How-To's, he is trying to demystify film photography and get rid of the fear around everything that is analog.

"My favorite thing about working with LomoChrome Purple was learning what would flip to another color, and what wouldn't. I chose red eye contacts and a red top because I knew it wouldn't shift too dramatically, and would then pop on a purple canvas. [...] Conceptual work like this is exactly what I'm planning to spend a majority of my life creating. On my recent trip to New York (where I actually got to meet some of the Lomo USA team, what up!), I shot a bit of Lomography Color Negative 400 and Lomography Color Negative 800 here and there, and honestly: I'm in love. They're my favorite stocks.
Linus Johnson with Model Mariela Ferreria –– shot with LomoChrome Purple 120 ISO 200-400

This series is called Mirror World and was shot in a park only 10 minutes from Linus' apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina. When he finally go this hands-on some LomoChrome Purple rolls, he wanted to take advantage of what this special film does to color and try to make his subject look like she's from another planet. Well, that worked out. The red-eye contacts are certainly the cherry on top.

Linus plans to continue to push photographic film to its limits, in order to take viewers to alien worlds, back in time, and to mind-bending spaces, with an overall umph of nostalgia. We are definitely curious to see what's coming up next and will make sure to follow Linus, his camera and work moving forward.

Make sure to follow Linus and his camera on their adventures to alien worlds on his Instagram

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Lomography Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 (120)

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