Paying It Forward: “was wäre, wenn”, a Photo Book by Leonard Müller

A chance encounter can be all it takes to touch a person's life. A simple gesture or an act of kindness can turn into a special moment. This is what the photo book was wäre, wenn is all about.

© Leonard Müller

German photographer Leonard Müller aims to share his humble experiment with the world in the form of a new photo book. In it are photos of different people from different walks of life gathered by Müller in a period of two years. Leonard's experiment is simple — it's to photograph people in intimate moments, caught by emotions both simple and complex. Leonard handed out 5€ to different people to see how they would react. It is theirs to do with as they please.

© Leonard Müller

Simple as it may seem, it got Leonard what he was looking for — special moments shared between strangers. The photos show how a small act of kindness can turn around someone's day. Leonard has turned to crowd-funding to get his passion project out. The 200-page book is filled with analogue photos — all carefully composed and curated from 35 mm, 120, and instant shots.

The target of the crowd-funding project is 5,665 € which will all be used for the printing of 225 copies. Interested donors may choose from a variety of pledges that include prints, copies of the book, and more.

More details may be found in Leonard's website, Instagram, and crowd-funding page.

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