Nick Collingwood⁠—Jazz Age with the Petzval 85 Art Lens


Based in NYC, Nick Collingwood primarily works as a freelance motion designer, but he also has a huge passion for film. From 35mm to Polaroids, Super 8, or 4x5, Nick creates with whatever he can get his hands on. First starting with an old Polaroid camera and his dad's old Canon AE-1P (which is what he used to shoot these portraits as well), he is now a very active member of the NYC film community. While photographing the Jazz Age Lawn Party in NYC, Nick took our Petzval 85 art lens for a spin. Check out the results here.

Shot with the Petzval 85. ©Nick Collingwood

We talked to Nick about what these photos were inspired by:

"So these portraits were all shot at the Jazz Age Lawn Party that happens in NYC twice each summer out on Governor's Island. It's a really rad event where all the guests dress up in their finest 1920's outfits and come out for a day of dancing, singing, and of course, some booze. I've volunteered to help with the Penumbra Foundation at the event for a few years now where they shoot real tintypes with original Petzval lenses that I've always been fascinated by. With such amazing outfits, I always love to bring along a few cameras, both still and motion, to capture the day and especially shoot portraits in a more time period authentic photographic fashion than digital and modern lenses."
Shot with the Petzval 85. ©Nick Collingwood

Nick told us a bit more about what his process shooting these photos was like:

"I've been borrowing a Lomography Petzval lens from a good friend, Frank, for a while now and knew this was the perfect event to use it at. With the Penumbra Foundation using authentic Petzval lenses from 100 years ago, I was aiming to match their look with the much newer Lomo lens. I used the 85mm f2.2 Petzval (and some ND filters to shoot wide open) with an adapter to use it on my Canon AE-1P with some Kodak Tri-X film. I also shot with my grandfather-in-law's old Nikon S2, a modified Instax Wide camera, a modified Polaroid 110B camera, a Nizo 801 Super 8 camera and a Bolex H16 16mm camera. I definitely use the event as a bit of a playground to shoot with lots of fun cameras and films. You can see some of the other photos/motion film from the event on my blog."
Shot with the Petzval 85. ©Nick Collingwood

Although Nick loves to shoot portraits, this is only just one facet of his work. He primarily shoots with Polaroids and Super 8 for his business Nick Collingwood Vintage. Next summer, he plans to return the the event to shoot more portraits and Super 8, but until then, he will be working on portraits, music videos, weddings, and travel photographs all shot on film! Make sure to follow his Instagram to keep up with all of his work.

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