Cinematic Refinement⁠—Nick Collingwood Tests the Berlin Kino 2019 Formula


Brooklyn-based LomoAmigo Nick Collingwood tested our new 2019 Berlin Kino 400 formula while on a trip to the retro TWA hotel at JFK. Check out the results here.

©Nick Collingwood with our new 2019 Berlin Kino 400 formula.

Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself and your approach/philosophy to black and white photography?

I'm Nick, a film photographer/cinematographer in Brooklyn shooting any format I can get my hands on. With black and white photography, composition and lighting are so crucial as well as matching the vibe. I love strong lighting and detail when shooting B&W vs. looking for color variations when shooting color.

When you tested our new formula, which camera, lens, filters (if any) did you use?

I used an Olympus XA camera with this roll. A tiny little rangefinder camera with a great lens on it, yet still fits in your pocket (a suit pocket for these photos!). Love mine and bring it with me to travel often.

©Nick Collingwood with our new 2019 Berlin Kino 400 formula.

In which situation/surroundings did you test the Berlin Kino 400 2019 formula?

Actually it was my wife's birthday and as a surprise, I told her to dress up in her most 1960s outfit and come with me. We went to the newly renovated TWA Hotel at JFK Airport in NYC. It used to be the old TWA terminal decades ago but was abandoned when the company shut down. It was recently converted into a hotel and the original mid-century modern architecture and vibe was restored down to the concierges who dress in period-appropriate attire! It's incredibly cool to visit and is free to walk around and check out.

Did you have your film developed in a lab or did you develop it yourself? If you developed it yourself, what developer did you use?

I had Lomography develop my film in their lab.

©Nick Collingwood with our new 2019 Berlin Kino 400 formula.

Could you say a few words about the photos you’ve taken with our new formula?

With the unique and interesting vibes of the cinematic Kino film, I thought an airport that could fit into "Catch Me If You Can" seamlessly would be a good fit. A real throwback to the 60s, film and all. My wife was my model for the day as we enjoyed the architecture, outdoor bar IN A PLANE, and even the heated rooftop pool. Her vintage dress and style meshed perfectly with some of the recreated set-ups they had throughout the hotel.

Finally, what are your thoughts about the Berlin Kino 400 film?

I love the very smooth tones and contrast of the film. It definitely has a different look to it from other popular B&W films out there. It's sharp while still having a pleasing grain. Can't complain! Will definitely be shooting more of it!

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    The hotel logo remind me of some 60s tv station logo and private jet couch are brilliant 👍 definitely my fave retro hotel

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