"Reminiscence": A Visual Love Letter to All That is Fleeting

Photographer and filmmaker Kamila K Stanley is back to sweep everyone's feet into a summer daydream. Asked by singer AVBE to take the helm, "Reminiscence" becomes much more than a music video as it turns into a short film of a romance that is found, consumed, and finally, withered.

Reminiscence x AVBE by Kamila K Stanley

Through AVBE's and Laura's pristine vocals and the upbeat instrumentals, Kamila, together with cinematographer Paloma Pineda, wanted the cinematics to be contrasting yet complementary; the lyrics are nostalgic and somber, indicating a certain loss. The film takes set in the city and all that it has to offer under the summer heat.

"Reminiscence is a fresh, addictive summer tune, buzzing with energy... We chase the pair through a whirlwind of nights and days, as they spin through neon-lit streets, get lost in a funfair, climb onto rooftops, and fall asleep in taxis as the sun rises. Wherever they go, photographs flash fleetingly in their path, like fugitive memories."
Reminiscence x AVBE Behind the Scenes by Kamila K Stanley

The music video tells the story of the couple as they revisit the same places they were once together, but are now visiting alone. Such aesthetic effects were used deliberately to create that distinction. The way the film is shot is akin to rediscovering lost footage from ages ago. To create this mood, Kamila shot the video with a mix of 16 mm and Super8 film from Lomography, Kodak and FotoAutomat. Kamila also used the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System for its convenience and reliability as they shot in various locations. The photographs are shot with a 35mm Nimslow camera in an old-school FotoAutomat booth.

"The video ends with the two characters sitting at a table where they sat earlier in the summer, but now separated, several tables apart. I wanted to make a video about that fleeting euphoria you get sometimes from summer love stories, almost like a high — and the bittersweet taste it leaves when summer ends and takes them away."
Reminiscence x AVBE by Kamila K Stanley

Ready for the feels trip? Get yourself whisked away by romance and memories by watching the music video here:

For more of Kamila's projects, visit her Instagram. More music videos by AVBE are on YouTube.

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