The Silver Lining: Initial Impressions with the Reformulated Berlin Kino 400 Film

The Berlin Kino 400 is one of the latest monochromatic emulsions in the market, known for its cinematic qualities reminiscent of old German cinema. Now, it returns with improved potency in delivering its seamless attributes. Here's what photographers Trev Lee and Max Brucker have to say upon their first use of the refined Berlin Kino 400 formula.

Trev Lee's Monochromatic Magic

California-based photographer Trev Lee lives and breathes for analogue. Being the chief photographer of The Darkroom, he often shoots in black and white film. When it comes to his personal photography, he loves capturing daily life and the stories in it. Storytelling through black and white gives a timeless effect to the narrative, encouraging people to see beauty even in the most mundane days. As such, Trev aimed to do the same thing when he tested the new formula of the Berlin Kino 400. Using his Canon EOS3 with the 40 mm f/2.8 pancake, went for a two-day street shoot, focusing on people, architectural forms and shadows. Developed in The Darkroom using Ilfotech DDX, scanned with Noritsu 1800 and printed on silver gelatin paper, he was extremely awed how the quality came to be.

"I shot a lot of the first Berlin Kino which I really like and the new formula looks very similar but seems a little more refined. I love the beautiful grain which has a classic look to it... Berlin has very pleasant subtle tones that can drastically vary on the light you’re shooting in, and the wide exposure latitude makes it ideal for shooting sunny 16 which I always use when shipping with my Rollei 35."

Max Brucker, the Vintage Portraitist

The Vienna-based British-German photographer Max Brucker has been mostly shooting in film, preferring the timeless look and is deeply in love with the technical creative process of film photography. Max believes that limitations force him to become a better composer of images, and as such, his natural affinity to black and white forces him to ignore colors and obliges him to pay attention to other factors, such as light and perspectives.

Using his Canon EOS 1V with a 50mm 1.2 lens, Max went for an outdoor portrait session in and around Augarten, Vienna. He decided a simple portrait session, focusing on the model than on the surroundings would create a minimalistic yet also timeless vibe. He loved how the Berlin Kino 400 managed to deliver a moody effect.

"I like the rough vintage look of it, the grain and, in this case, the scratches on my negatives add lots of character to the images."

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