Cinematic Daily Life: Adam Goldberg Shoots with the New LomoChrome Metropolis Film


Like a poet searching for inspiration, LomoAmigo Adam Goldberg turns to his family for a quick photoshoot and tries out the new LomoChrome XR 100-400 Metropolis film. Using the film's unique aesthetics, Adam was able to capture frames with a cinematic feel and vintage look to them. Read on to learn more about what he had to say about the Metropolis in this short interview.

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Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself and your approach/philosophy when it comes to photography?

I shoot a lot of multi-layered imagery. I’m sure in no small part, my stuff is influenced by movies and movie making. I like to create a mood, a “scene” if even my photography is often spontaneous.

Let's get technical! When you tested our new film, which camera, and lens did you use? Did you use strobes or available light?

Nikon F3/ 50mm 1. 2 / available light

© Adam Goldberg, All rights reserved

Could you say a few words about the photos you’ve taken with our new film?

Primarily at the playground with my family; finished off the roll around dusk after dinner.

How did the overall look of the film complements your photographic style?

Rather well, I think. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get, so I just shot how I shoot and the results I think fit in nicely with the mood and texture of my style.

In your own words, what makes this film unique?

With regular processing, you can attain the results of a more stylized. bleached bypass effect than “normal” C-41 negative film. It has an old fashioned quality that reminds me of hand-tinted photographs.

Would you use this film for street photography?

I would and I did.

Would you use this film for portraits?


© Adam Goldberg, All rights reserved

Based on your experience with the film, in which situation do you think the film looks best?

The stuff I shot at dusk I think had the most interesting quality and elicited the most interesting effects and color I think. Pops of color — traffic signals for instance — contrast the almost monochromatic look of the film in a very striking way.

Would you recommend this film with studio lights? flash and strobes? Natural or available light?

I only shot in available light and that is usually my preference as a shooter and a viewer. And while, again, this film has a monochromatic look to it, there’s a lot of stuff that really jumps in an overcast setting and magic hour.

Finally, what are your thoughts about the new LomoChrome Metropolis film?

While I’m not always a fan of film stock or processing that can upstate the content of the photo I am a fan of the almost bleach bypass look of the film. There is a hand-tinted quality that is really moody and lovely.

We would like to thank Adam for letting us feature his images in the Magazine. Check out more of Adam's work at his website, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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