Make It Your Own: Graphic Designer Natascha Lumayno Builds and Customizes Her Own LomoMod No.1

Natascha Lumayno is a young and talented graphic designer based in Vienna Austria. Versed in the language of visual arts, Natascha combines text and illustrations to create beautiful and functional designs for books, magazines, packaging, and other printed media. This time, she poured her artistic prowess into creating a one-of-a-kind camera using Lomography's newest DIY darling — the LomoMod No.1!

In this short interview, Natascha tells us about her experience with the LomoMod and how it helped her change the pace from her all-digital work to a more tactile and hands-on creative adventure.

LomoMod, Designed and built by Natascha Lumayno

What was the last item that you assembled/customized yourself?

The LomoMod.

Any first impressions about the LomoMod when you first saw the kit?

I was a massive fan of the kit’s concept right away! I loved the idea of a camera made entirely from cardboard, which can be built from scratch. I especially enjoyed the cardboard’s double-sided design - one with a pattern, the other plain - this way I was able to use the flat side to customize the camera however I wanted.

LomoMod, Designed and built by Natascha Lumayno

How was your experience in customizing the LomoMod No.1 ?

It was a lot of fun, just as expected. I was very excited about getting to build the camera from start to finish because I enjoy crafting and doing DIY work. Since I usually work on my computer, it was a pleasant change of scenery!

What do you like best about the camera?

I like how unpredictable it is! Every picture you take with the LomoMod will turn out as a surprise. You can fill the lens with basically almost any liquid your heart desires and depending on the fluids you choose you can create a variety of effects. This uncertainty makes the product exciting.

Some of Natascha's other graphics design work © Natascha Lumayno

What tips would you give someone who’s about to customize their LomoMod No.1 ?

Be patient with building the camera and just have fun with the customization. Do not think too much about the results. Just like with taking pictures with the LomoMod, you will not know how the customization turns out until you see the finished product.

We would like to thank Natascha for letting us feature her work! You can follow her on Instagram.

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