Tipster: Flash Photography and Long Exposures with the LomoMod No.1

Ready to take some nighttime and indoor photos with your LomoMod No.1? With or without flash, the LomoMod No.1 is ready to capture your moments with these few simple tips.

LomoMod Flash Photography

The LomoMod No.1 comes with a PC sync socket. This allows you to easily pair the Sutton lens with a flash, meaning the dark is no obstacle when taking great photos with the LomoMod No.1! It goes hand in hand with Fritz the Blitz, our most powerful external flash! Check out LomoMod No.1 microsite for more ideas and tips on how to use the LomoMod with Flash.

From left to right: (1) You would need the PC-sync cable for Fritz the Blitz. (2) Using the sync cable, Connect your Fritz the Blitz to the LomoMod's PC-sync socket. (3)You're all set to shoot!

Here are a few LomoMod photos taken with flash:

LomoMod Long Exposures

As well as being able to layer shots, you can also take effortless long exposures. A quick word of advice, keep the camera as still as possible. Unless a blurred psychedelic look is what you’re after, that is!

Simply shift the shutter setting from "N" (Normal) to "B" (Bulb) mode, then you're all set! The LomoMod No.1 comes with a standard tripod 1/4 thread, so you could mount the camera on most tripods, or you could shoot handheld! Just hold your breath to minimize camera shake.

Here are some sample photos of LomoMod No. Long Exposures:

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