Through the Purple Haze: LomoChrome Purple Shots by Social Media Testers

Still curious about the LomoChrome Purple film? We introduce you to a new batch of photographers who gamely tested this color-shifting emulsion. Check out their awesome photos and read about their experiences shooting this psychedelic film!


London-based photographer JENQUEST had a lot of fun shooting the LomoChrome Purple. For the shoot, he used the Leica M3 with the 50mm Nokton f1.5 prime.

I was constantly on the lookout for scenes with varying colours so characters would stand out in the shots. This isn't something I normally do with the other films I use (HP5+ and Portra) so in that regards it was more challenging (the fun kind, that is). After a few shots though, you find your eyes sort of shift and you can imagine how a scene would look before you shoot it. So it became a lot easier to get pleasing images. I did definitely research the types of images this would produce by scouring the Internet while I waited for the roll of film to turn up.

We asked if he experimented with the extended ISO range of the film.

I decided I would shoot it at box speed because I've never played with non-standard film. My go-to films are Ilford HP5+ for black and white and Kodak Portra 400 for colour. So I wanted to play it safe. However, for a few shots (of my wife and daughter), I managed to underexpose the shots by accidentally changing a setting on the Lightmeter app that I use and not realising. So when it came to scanning the negs into my computer, I had to play around a bit and was very impressed to see how well it handled bringing the images to life rather than leaving me with an unusable mess.

Among his photos, he chose two favourites: the one of his wife and daughter having fun in the children's play area of a local park, and the other is the one of his friend Catt.

"I love the effect of the colour shift and just the bright otherworldly colours perfectly represent the fun we had that day. As for my friend's photo, the film has made her stand out so well in the rather gritty surroundings. The film has handled her bright luxuriously orange hair so well. It really makes the image pop. "

His tip for future users? "My advice would really be to those like me, who wouldn't normally pick up something like this. Definitely give it a go and definitely shoot portraits. I loved what this did to the shots I took of my friends and family and how it makes nice but standard images just pop."


Nicolette Passerello

Nicolette Passerello is a Sales Coordinator from California. She found the LomoChrome Purple unique when compared to any regular color negative film.

With this film, I am given the ability to create my own little dreamworld - no matter what kind of subject/scene I shoot. I found that the creative opportunities with this film are endless, and that is something very special about it.

She used it on a Canon AE-1 with a 1:8 50mm Canon FD lens and shot on ISO 400, which she says made the colors pop a bit more.

I like this photo the most because the mountains are my favorite place to be! I also really like the depth of the mountains fading in the background. Not to mention - those beautiful indigo/purple hues that LomoChrome Purple added to the shot. - © Nicolette Passerello

For future LomoChrome Purple users, she advises:

Have fun with it! There are so many different places/things that you can shoot with this film (don't limit yourself!) I personally found that I love shooting this film in the mountains, or where there is a lot of green foliage.
© Nicolette Passerello

Carly Boomer

Carly Boomer is an adventurous photographer based in Winnepeg, Canada. Her love and passion for photography bloomed when she was in high school when she bought the Pentax K1000, her first film camera.

For a few years, my focus in regards to my photography was mainly set on experimenting with shooting and developing 35mm film - I found shooting with mainly film rather than digital in the beginning allowed me to take full advantage of my cameras manual settings, and gave me lots of room to find my own style by experimenting with tons of different techniques. Within the past couple years, I have grown as a photographer in the digital world as well and regularly work with clientele. I mainly specialize in music photography and portraiture, but I’m always carrying a camera around to capture whatever it is that catches my eye.
© Carly Boomer; Photos taken with LomoChrome Purple Formula 2017

We asked her what makes the LomoChrome Purple different from other color negative emulsions that she has tried.

Lomochrome Purple has been one of my favourite funky films to shoot with since I began photography! It definitely gives you lots of room to play around with different settings, where your images can vary significantly in mood depending on your environment, the colours around you and the tools you use. There are endless limits in terms of experimentation with this film, and I love the purple, pink, green and sometimes orangey hues you can capture with this film.

For this shoot, she aimed for photos with pinkish and orangey hues. Based on her research, she says, it was suggested to be used at ISO 200 so she kept it at that. "As for the rolls I’ve shot with prior, I mainly shot them at 400 which I found maintained a lot more of the dark purple hues associated with the film."

© Carly Boomer

Her favorite photo is the one of the model holding the rose.

Although in the photo the rose is bright pink, in real life it was yellow! That itself gave it an unexplainable, sort of eerie mood that instantly provided me with that “Christmas” feeling you get when you’re scanning your roll of fresh negatives.

We hope you enjoyed these first impressions of LomoChrome Purple testers! More coming soon, so stay tuned.

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