Pretty In Purple: Kimberley Ross Tests the LomoChrome Purple Film

Kimberley Ross is a photographer whose work mainly revolves around portraiture and documentary photography (focusing on music, art, and fashion). She shares that she has been wanting to try the LomoChrome Purple for a long time, so she was very excited to test the new batch. The opportunity to try our film also arrived at the perfect time, since her new friend Erina, came to visit from Japan. Erina is also a photographer and a model, so Kimberley took a lot of lovely photographs of her while she showed her around town.

Credits: kimmika

The LomoChrome Purple's extended ISO range is ideal for experimentation, and we asked Kimberley if she took advantage of that. "I kept in mind the color shift my photos would have had, and I was very curious to see how they’ll turn out. I did (experiment with the ISO range), but I’m not sure I saw that many differences. I did see a difference when shooting under the sun — when I got more vivid colors — and in the shadow — when the colors shifted more evenly to a purple shade. Also I noticed my indoor photos are more pinkish."

Credits: kimmika

Among Kimberly's awesome photographs, she picked her portrait of Erina next to the ivy plant as her favorite. "I’m in love with the colors and I think she looks super pretty."

Credits: kimmika

To future LomoChrome Purple users, Kimberly advises to shoot in daylight to get the best out of the film's unique palette. "Also, I would say don’t be afraid to experiment, like using a flash for example - I wish I had thought about that!"

We hope you enjoyed Kimberley 's photos! Follow her LomoHome and Instagram to see more of her shots. Stay tuned for more LomoChrome Purple impressions from other talented tester photographers, coming up in the next few days.

2019-11-23 #lomochrome-purple-film

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