Community Spotlight: Den Saul (@densaul) and Gérard Heinz (@gheinz)


Being one of the largest analogue photography communities on the web, we are proud of the creativity and diversity of our members. For this month's Community Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce to you Lomographers Den Saul (@densaul) and Gérard Heinz (@gheinz) and their unique way of seeing the world.

Credits: gheinz & densaul

Name: Den Saul
LomoHome: @densaul
Location: Lorient, Brittany, France

Hi, Den Saul! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

My artist is D. Saul, I live and work near Lorient in Brittany. I am fascinated by the works of Raymond Depardon, Saul Leiter, and Vivian Maier. I spend a lot of my free time on photography. My approach to photography has evolved over the years and I attach more and more importance to photographing human beings.

I draw, I draw, I write... Photography has become essential, it has allowed me to live an interesting life and to be free in the way I express myself. Photography a is part of me, it helps me in difficult times and inspires me to be better.

A quote I really like goes: “I chose painting because it was as necessary to me as food. It seemed to me a window through which I could fly into another world.” My life, Marc Chagall

How did you discover Lomography and what made you join our analogue Community? Who are your favorite photographers here?

A few years ago, I found a Lubitel that had been staying for several years in a cupboard and then bought it at a garage sale.

It's really been just three years since I've begun learning the different photography techniques and analogue processes. I created my Lomohome a few weeks ago, but I've known the brand for a while since I was offered a Holga in 2010 to start in film. I walked through the door of an analogue photo club, where I discovered a lot of things both technically and creatively.

Then via the networks, I met @popoti (beautiful photographic meeting) who strongly advised me to be part of the community to continue to perfect my style and meet other Lomographers.

Currently, I have these cameras in my collection:
- Lomography Lubitel, Diana + F, Holga, Lomokino
- Compact camera: Minolta Hi-Matic F
- Reflex: Minolta x700 / XD5 optics: 50 mm f/1.7
- Instant: Polaroid SX700

For film, I mainly use Rollei RPX 400/100 regularly in 120 or 35 mm.

Credits: densaul

What is your favorite subject to photograph? What do you usually look for in a scene before you hit the shutter?

The street, the landscape, the portrait, the human presence as inspiration, as a desire to travel. I'm not satisfied with a setting, I always wait for an actor to play his role. A question of moment, patience and sometimes luck.

And sometimes I do not hit the shutter, I just sit down and take the time to dream...

In this day and age, why choose film?

It's magic ... Loading the film, seeing the negatives, feeling a print or a book between my fingers, and analyzing the image is a wonderful sensation. With digital, I had the impression to always do the same thing over and over again — to go around in circles. With film, the possibilities are so diverse and varied that we will never see the end of it. The stories are so much more beautiful to tell. We can do a lot of experiments with different devices and films. The word “photography” really makes sense. Analogue photography pushes me to concentrate on the composition, to reflect on the image that I really wish to preserve in that present moment. It's a bit like in the story Asterix and Obelix — no need for another dose of magic potion, you fall directly into the pot.

Credits: densaul

Name: Gérard Heinz
LomoHome: @gheinz
Location: Chazelles-sur-Lyon, France

Hi, Gérard! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

Hi, I’m school headmaster in the little city of Chazelles-sur-Lyon. I have two schools under my responsibility, the first is a Collège (Middle school in the US, Secondary school from year 7 to 10 in the UK), with 500 kids, and the second is a Lycée (High school in the US, Secondary school from year 11 to 13 in the UK) with 725 kids.

I wanted to start with photography a long time ago, but it was the matter of my brother @vicuna, and I had so much respect for his work, and I said to myself: this is not for me… After the summer of 2007, I asked my brother if he doesn’t mind to see me taking photos. He was so enthusiastic, and he gave me for my first films a Lomo LC-A+ camera. Just at the same time, I bought my first camera, a Minolta X-700, and my first albums were ready on November 2017. Since this time, it has become a very crazy passion.

How did you discover Lomography and what made you join our analogue Community? Who are your favorite photographers here?

I discovered Lomography with the LomoHome of my brother, that’s the reason why my own LomoHome was created in 2011. After jumping into photography, it was natural for me to join the Community. I love the rules of Lomography, the possibility to feel free to make photos like each one wants to do them, and to discover so many other beautiful and incredible shots.

I’m a great fan of @tomczykd, @mimi8909, @grandphilippe, @klawe, @mrgamera, and so much more!

Credits: gheinz

What makes you stay with film photography in this day and age? What's your favorite subject to shoot?

Analogue is just the way to have an open mind and be very observative about everything around you. That’s the reason why I love taking pictures with films.

I love flowers… and landscapes. I want to improve with portraits, but it’s very difficult…

For you, what's the best part about being a Lomographer?

As I said before, you must keep your eyes open, be very observative and literally feel the things and people around you.

What is your favorite Lomography camera and film and why?

I have only the Diana F+ camera as long as Lomography cameras are concerned but my favorite cameras are the Zenit TTL, the Praktica IV and the Nikon FE. My favorite film is the LomoChrome Purple. I like also the Lomo Color Negative 100, and I’m waiting for the new Metropolis film!

Credits: gheinz

Stay tuned for our monthly Community Spotlight to discover the work of some of the most talented Lomographers!

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  1. vicuna
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    Great to see my brother @gheinz featured here! He deserves it :)) And great to discover @densaul, congrats for your work!

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    Congrats to both of you! And tahnk you @gheinz!

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    Nice spotlight! ...and thanks a lot @gheinz ;-)

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    Congrats to you all

  5. gheinz
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    Thanks to you all, and very happy to discover @densaul !

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    Fantastic work, both of you!

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    Thank you all for your feedback

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    Nice write up, @gheinz! It's neat to see you guys mentioned, @klawe & @vicuna. Look forward to seeing more from @densaul :)

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