Singapore in Purple: Ahmad Lutfi Tests the LomoChrome Purple Film


Ahmad Lutfi is a lifeguard who enjoys shooting film. He's been doing it for five years and admits that the experience of darkroom printing also endeared him to this craft. He tried the LomoChrome Purple 120 film and gamely shared his thoughts and photos with us!


"During the period when I was testing the film, the whole of Singapore had trees blooming with flowers. They almost resemble Sakura trees but they’re trumpet trees. The flowers will fall little by little, making a carpet of flowers on the ground that makes a nice background if someone lays down on it."

© Ahmad Lutfi

"I saw samples on how the film affects greenery, and since Singapore is a city full of greenery and concrete, it’s a good place to test the film. It’s kind of a special film for me but I’m excited to shoot some landscapes with it!"

© Ahmad Lutfi

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