Recap: Cuatro Dias Gallery Show

Last month, five photographers exhibited their photos from a collaborative project with Lomography about Mexico City entitled "Cuatro Dias." Not only were there fantastic photographs for everyone to enjoy all over the walls, but a zine with everyone's photos was sold as well! Check out some photos from the event here.

Black and white photos by Tyler Woodford. Color photo by Lauren Roche.

Held at Kinfolk on September 18, Adam Powell, Cat Byrnes, Christian Linares, Lauren Roche, and Tyler Woodford shared their photos shot on Lomography film. The photos were centered around a group trip to Mexico City last spring.

"In Mexico City, pretty much every time I was greeted with a smile. The city is so welcoming to foreigners and happy that people travel from all over the world to celebrate the rich culture of Mexico City." — Adam Powell
"Mexico City is full of vibrant and lively people. In opposition to its arid landscape, its residents have cultivated a metropolis teeming with flowers and plant life." — Cat Byrnes
Photos by Frank Dautant.

The series was complied and printed as a zine, which were sold exclusively at the event.

"It was the first time returning to my birthplace in over a decade. [...] It did not take long to feel accepted and comfortable in Mexico City once again. The people there were incredibly welcoming and kind throughout my visit that I instantly felt a deeper connection with my culture." — Christian Linares
"There is a sense of liberation when traveling and being a tourist. It makes us realize how similar we all are." — Lauren Roche
Black and white photos by Tyler Woodford. Color photos by Adam Powell.
"Shooting in Mexico City was quite the experience and a nice change of pace. The people in Mexico City were so welcoming — photographing there was so refreshing because everything was so new and different for me." — Tyler Woodford

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