Exploring Mexico with LomoAmigo Angela Izzo

LomoAmigo Angela Izzo took a few different cameras out for a spin on a recent trip to Mexico. Not new to being featured in our magazine, Angela's photos fully embody the spirit of Lomography. Learn more about this series and her work here.

©Angela Izzo

Hi Angela! It's been a while since you were last featured in the magazine. What have you been up to since then?

Hi Lomography! SO much. I had a multimedia show called “Mirage” at Embed Gallery, which was an immersive plant-based art installation that involved photo projections, a video altar, and nature prints all shot on film. I also just got back from the beautiful island of Isla La Mujeres in Mexico that I am sharing with you today.

©Angela Izzo

What inspired this series?

For this series, what inspired me was testing my eye in a place I’ve never been. Since I do a lot of portrait photography, this was a great way to get out of my comfort zone and photograph my friends who were traveling along with me. They have never been to this island in Mexico so it was a fresh way to create, explore, and just have a good time with my cameras in hand.

You shot these with a variety of our cameras. How did your experience with each camera differ?

I always tend to have multiple cameras at hand — most the time you see me that is how I am. With each camera, I loaded a different style of film, like the Lomochrome Purple, so I was able to trade off and make multiple looks in the same locations. The Diana Mini I mastered a multiple layer effect, the Sprocket Rocket allows me to go super wide with images exposing the sprockets which I love, and my Holga gives a nice crisp look to my work.

©Angela Izzo

Of the cameras you used, which was your favorite and why?

This is such a hard question to answer! I love all my cameras for different reasons. My Diana Mini is the one I have used the longest and develop my own style in using it and I can take so many shots with it at once. It's my go-to baby, and everyone gets excited when they see her.

Pick a photo and tell us the story behind it.

I really love the photo of the clothes drying on the line. This was such an adventurous trip. I cried when I left the island — I could have stayed for a long time. I was obsessed. In the morning when I would drive around on the golf cart, the sun would shine so bright and the fabrics of colors would glow. It was mesmerizing, and this photo captures the feel of what I experienced there.

©Angela Izzo

What is coming up for you?

More traveling and adventures are always on my horizon. I am having an art show at LACDA for my documentary “The Benders Circuit” on the underground experimental noise scene here in LA on November 8th and 9th. Working with bands, music, dancing. Just in constant creation, I stay open and things just seem to present themselves to me! Thank you Lomography for having me.

If you like Angela's work, check out more on her website and Instagram.

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