Capturing the Spirit of Shambala by Garry Jones and the Lomography Color Negative 800


Garry Jones is a UK-based commercial photographer who has just completed his MA in Visual Communication specialising in photography. He has a keen interest in sports and music, which he uses as the driving force behind the subject matter of these photographs. This summer he took a bag of Lomography Color Negative 800 120 film to the Shambala festival in Northamptonshire to capture the colourful costumes.

Garry has been shooting festivals for nearly 10 years now and on this occasion, he decided to shoot with film as a way of slowing down.

“Film just took the urgency away, which then meant I didn’t over shoot, my thought process changed and I really enjoyed how refreshing it is to have a different perspective because of the change in medium.”

He chose to shoot with the Lomography Color Negative 800 120 film for this event and explained to us what he wanted to capture from this festival.

“The 800-speed film gave me the ability to really crank up the shutter speed when shooting a very hectic parade that happens on the Saturday of the festival. The 120 film just performed so well and I’d now probably say its one of my favourite films to shoot as the results were more than I expected. Really sharp photos performing amazingly well in the shadows and the colours just popped which suited the festival atmosphere.”
“I decided from the start that I wouldn’t go and shoot any music, I wanted to solely photograph the people who inhabit the festival as from experience I know that everyone is willing to stop and have their photo taken when at a festival.”

To see more of Garry's work, visit his website.


Lomography Color Negative 800 (120)

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  1. yorksteve
    yorksteve ·

    Great festival photos. I have some of this 800 film on 35mm waiting to be used - if my results are half as good as these, I will be happy!

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