Fresh and Seasoned: Film Experience Diptychs with Neja and Nnlynn


As the years go by, the Lomography Community continues to strive and go against the grain. In a world dominantly run by the Internet and digital culture, we've provided a safe space for those who seek the comforts of film. Through our hub, several talented and amazing artists emerge. Accomplished experimentalist and longtime Lomographer Julija Svetlova a.k.a. neja has one of the most visually satisfying galleries of analogue shots in versatile styles. Meanwhile, gifted youngblood Yu En Lin (Lynn), a.k.a. nnlynn, is already making her own mark in the Community. Learn how Julija and Lynn see the world through color.

Credits: neja and nnlynn

Chromatic Crave

Lynn's a recent addition to the Lomography family, however, she's been photographing since 2015. The Taipei-based photographer's favorite companions for her analogue journey are the Lomo'Instant and the LC-A. She has a penchant for a more carefree, deliberately "imperfect", peculiarly candid but natural imagery. As such, her own techniques are just as quirky and eccentric:

"I usually look for an awkward composition and some deform object in the environment because I think conflict can make more lasting impressions. Knowing the balance of colors is also very important to me."

Many of you already know Julija, one of our most celebrated women Lomographers. A globe-trotter and a long-term supporter of film photography, Julija has been consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible to do with the film. Her photographs are like the color-shifting skies.

"When I shoot in color, I don't think, just shoot, lol. I'm very 'Lomography'. I can be attracted by the unusual color, pink wall, for example, or a colorful umbrella, but it can also be just the entire scene. I tend to focus more when I use black and white film because I have to mentally justify deducting the color from life."

She believes that while black-and-white is timeless, not particularly connected to any time, color photographs have the traces of time in them -- as seen in faded slides, vivid autochromes, and the like. "I remember the time when original Agfa Vista film was still around and people were complaining that the results were "too colorful". How I wish to have had stockpiled on it!"


Explosive Exposures

There are many ways to make color photography extra exciting. Lynn and Julija both share their love for multiple and double exposures. For Lynn, it's because it increases the possibility of more colors. Julija loves making double exposures and doesn't mind an occasional light leak, and is a huge fan of cross processing, too. The art of multiple exposure technique through color is alive and well.

Credits: neja

Analogue Plans and Challenges

So, what's next for Julija? We've known how busy and productive she is. She's planning to publish photos from her recent road trip to Ireland through Blurb.

"I am currently on a road trip around Ireland, I brought 5 film cameras with me. I promised myself to make a photo book after every trip I make but I am not there yet. I also need to re-scan and archive all the photos I took during the 12 years that I lived in London so they can become a part of the Bishopsgate Institute Archives Library."

Lynn, however, has a rather very difficult, self-imposed challenge to overcome: "My next challenge is not to take color pictures. Try something new."

Credits: neja and nnlynn

How much do you relate with Julija and Lynn when it comes to burning film rolls and shooting in color? Let us know more by commenting below!

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