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The Land of the Rising Sun never runs out of wonders and sights to behold. The town of Hakone's one of such places, known for its iconic mountainous landscapes as the volcano of Mount Fuji sits on the horizon as it overlooks the Lake Ashinoko. Moreover, the town's known for its hot springs. Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, Hakone offers an all-time scenery. Check out these photographs and words from Lomographer Joal Caldera as they recall their trip to the iconic town.:

My name's Joal, I’m a photographer based out of South Florida and recently took a solo voyage across Japan! While I was in Hakone and on Mt. Fuji I shot a roll of your Lomo Purple. My first ever actually! And I loved it!

Not only was it interesting to frame my mind to how I assumed the photos would turn out and compose accordingly, but using a film stock I’m not used too firmly fit the narrative of my entire trip in the best of ways! I had never left the states before until this point, I saved up and bought my ticket on pure impulse. I wanted to challenge myself, and I figured the best way to do that would be to drop myself into the most uncomfortable situation I could.

I spoke no Japanese landing in Narita and had to find my way from Tokyo to Kyoto. After two days of anxiously traversing Tokyo, partying in Shibuya, being perpetually lost and struggling to catch a bus I managed to learn the ropes a bit regarding etiquette and keywords asides the basics I needed to know.

By day 3 I had made it to Hakone and off to try my hand at Fuji, although I failed in that regard by this point I had found my nervousness had dissipated. I was alone in a country completely different from mine as a guest to their culture and customs and that was okay. Looking back I’d say the photos show the transition from anxiousness to appreciation. “A comfortable culture shock” if you will.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Recently watching nhk news and the wind is so high. The flood attack the street. Hope everyone are safe there

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