Mom+Pop x Lomography: Raffaella in Central Park

To celebrate the release of Raffaella's new EP, Ballerina, we teamed up with Mom+Pop for this shoot showcasing both digital and analog Lomography products! Because Raffaella's music has a dreamy, retro-feel, the retro-look Lomography lenses and films can achieve go hand in hand. Check out more from the shoot with Raffaella in Central Park below.

Digital photos (1,3,4) shot using Lomography Neptune Art Lens System (35mm). Film photos (2,5) shot using Lomography CN 400. ©Sophia Ragomo.

Born and raised in New York City, Raffaella was destined to perform. First pursuing acting at the University of Southern California, Raffaella joined a sorority, which inspired her song Sororicide. Raffaella's ability to find humor, in reality, shines through her songwriting, especially on tracks NASA's Fake and Ballerina. Her music captures the feeling of growing up and being in between youth and adulthood. Raffaella on why she loves making music:

"Music is magic in that it allows people to think and feel at the same time. That dual-sensation is impossible in any other aspect of the world. If the melodies are strong and the lyrics are strong, people might just connect on personal and universal levels. Music has given me a lot of comfort. Literature has given me a lot of comfort. I wanted to combine those feelings somehow and allow others to experience the same energy."
Digital photos (first and last) shot using Lomography Neptune Art Lens System (50mm). Film photo (second) shot using Lomography CN 400. ©Sophia Ragomo.

It's rare to see a young woman in music who also writes her own songs. However, looking at Mom+Pop's roster, Raffaella is one of many talented women writing and recording their own music. Raffaella speaks below on why she finds it important to be a young woman in music:

"It took me so long to find my voice as a young girl. I know what it’s like. I want to help young girls find their voices. That would be the best thing I could do."

Modern-retro also seems to be a common theme for Raffaella. Citing some of her influences as Billie Holiday, Lana Del Rey, Regina Spektor, and St. Vincent, Raffaella creates something new that feels beautifully nostalgic. At Lomography, we share a similar goal! Every item we create, whether for digital or analog photography methods, aims to produce a new yet nostalgic look. Shop the products we used to create these photos below:

Neptune Convertible Art Lens System
Color Negative 400 35mm Film

Digital photos (first and last) shot using Lomography Neptune Art Lens System (80mm). Film photo (middle) shot using Lomography CN 400. ©Sophia Ragomo.

Check out more about Raffaella on her Instagram and website, listen to her music on Spotify, and see her live on tour with Sigrid this fall.

A special thank you to Mom+Pop for making this possible.

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