Beautiful, Versatile: LomoAmigo JC Gellidon Shoots with the Petzval 55 MK II Bokeh Control Art Lens

Change is a constant thing in our world. The way we shoot, how we look at things, how we frame our shots and more are subject to change. To stay in one place is to be in limbo — a state where we're not really sure where to go next. To move and to change according to our will and experience is something we should all welcome. Change is good and recognizing what the next step will be is even better.

© JC Gellidon

This is what Lomography had in mind when the Petzval 55 f/1.7 MK II Bokeh Control Art Lens was created. It's the next step to challenge ourselves both artistically and creatively. It's a refinement of the earlier Petzval Art Lens designs of the past with the future in mind. It's versatile — a sign of the times when it comes to optic design and engineering. The newest member of Lomography's Art Lens Family aims to bring the aesthetic of Joseph Petzval into the modern days of photography.

© JC Gellidon

LomoAmigo JC Gellidon was one of the first photographers to try out the Petzval 55 MK II and the portraits he took with it showcase what the Art Lens is capable of. Sharp portraits with varying degrees of bokeh in the background, vibrant colors that pop out of the frame, and a moody aesthetic that lends itself well to both photos and videos.

JC is a talented photographer. His eye for enticing visuals is something to look out for. His visual work ranges from atmospheric photographs to videos that are downright eye candy (and sometimes, gritty.) It's easy to see why he was able to create these photographs — like the new Petzval 55 MK II lens, his style is flexible in action and creative in approach.

© JC Gellidon

The Petzval 55 MK II has seven levels of bokeh control to help any photographer fine-tune their shots. That feature alone makes it a useful creative tool to capture stunning photographs and video. JC put the new Petzval 55 MK II Art Lens to the test and even shot a short but sweet video.

© JC Gellidon

Classic design, modern photographic applications — the Petzval 55 MK II is a step towards more fulfilling creative adventures. Made for full-frame mirrorless cameras, this new member of the growing Lomography Art Lens family was definitely made with discerning photographers and filmmakers in mind.

We would like to thank JC for letting us feature his images in the Magazine. Follow him on Instagram and visit his website to see where his creative adventures take him next.

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