Make It Your Own: A Playful Take On the LomoMod No.1 by Lexy Ho-Tai

Lexy Ho-Tai is a freelance artist based in Queens, NY. She is a multidisciplinary artist and is interested in the intersection between making art and making the world a better place. When not working on her own projects, Lexy also imparts her knowledge and talent to future artists by teaching art. We also sent her a sample of our LomoMod No.1 Camera for her to customize with her own brand of whimsical creatures!

What was the last item that you assembled/customized yourself?

I was recently a counselor at a summer camp, so I guess it would be tie-dyeing a white t-shirt. Serious childhood nostalgia with that one.

Any first impressions about the LomoMod No.1 when you first saw the kit?

I couldn’t believe it was a working camera! Very cool. I was with my younger cousins, and they were certainly intrigued. The cameras they’re familiar with are right in a smartphone!

Customizing the LomoMod No.1, how was the experience so far?

It was a lot of fun! It is always exciting working on an unconventional canvas, playing with different angles and surfaces. Seeing how it sparks the imagination in unexpected ways!

What do you like best about the LomoMod No.1?

It feels playful!

What tips would you give someone who’s about to customize their LomoMod No.1?

Play around and have fun! Normally, I do a lot of sketches and research before I work. But for this piece, I went right to the canvas. There’s something really freeing about embracing play on an unfamiliar surface.

We would like to thank Lexy Ho-Tai for her colorful take on the LomoMod No.1 ! See more of Lexy's work on her website and instagram account.

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