Made By The Maxwells: Ruby June and Malina Weissman


If we have learned anything from working with Ruby June over the years, it is that we can count on being taken away into another world by her photos. Together with her husband Philip, The Maxwells have worked with young actress Malina Weissman quite a bit in the past, but this is a very special series shot on Lomography Color Negative Film. When Model Malina's shooting partner had to cancel last minute, Ruby jumped in front of the camera herself and together, the ladies take us straight to L.A. of the 1970s. But let the photos tell their story themselves. Once upon a time in Hollywood...

By The Maxwells on Lomography Color Negative 35mm ISO 400

Welcome back Ruby & Philip! We're always excited to have you in our magazine, but in case we have some new readers, please introduce yourself real quick.

Philip: My wife, Ruby June, is the coolest person I know, and when we first met she had already made a name for herself in the industry. She had (and still has) the most brilliant, evocative sense of style, with courage to match, and seeing what she could do with her camera really inspired me. She helped me to discover a passion for the medium and we've been working alongside each other ever since.
Ruby: For me, photography started as a way to capture ideas and stories that were bigger than the reality of being a 12 year old in Kalamazoo, MI. I knew if I was able to create images exactly the way I saw them in my head than I'd be able to pursue any creative medium and have the opportunity to share it. Sewing, makeup, creating characters, making hot Cheeto art- all things that I love but knew I would never be able to share with the world if I wasn't able to master the art of photography! Getting to do it on a team with my incredibly creative husband has only made it more fun! Ever since we met 8 years ago photography has played a huge part in our relationship.

By The Maxwells on Lomography Color Negative 35mm ISO 400

You and Malina have been working together quite a lot recently. Do you have a special connection? Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind your friendship/work relationship?

We are friends and whenever we’re in the same place we can’t help but take photos together! Malina is a kindred spirit.

Why do you think you're such a great team?

We always get a lot done in a short amount of time. Malina actually got stuck in an elevator for over an hour on her way to this shoot. No phone service, she waited for a while before pushing the alarm button and had to have a rescue team come get her out of the elevator! But she just laughed it off. She’s a trooper!

What was the inspiration for this particular shoot?

This shoot we had originally planned for Malina and her friend Chris to be in, but Chris wasn’t able to come last minute. We had all these matching outfits picked out and wanted to find a way to make them still work! So I decided to wear Chris’ outfits (modifying them a bit at the last second) and Philip took the photos of Malina and me together.

By The Maxwells on Lomography Color Negative 35mm ISO 400

What gear did you use for these images and why did you pick it?

For these shots, we used Lomo’s 400 color film and our Cannon Rebel Gii. We love this combo because we know it’s going to look good without a question!! Every frame is golden.

How do you stay inspired?

We try to stay away from endless scrolling. It’s easy to scroll and scroll and feel like you’re “getting inspired” but ultimately it kind of leaves you feeling a little sick and it’s almost impossible not to get caught comparing yourself to other people.

Less screen time and more time outdoors, exploring, and being with the people we love is probably the most inspiring! That and great clothes :}

What else is new with you? Any projects coming up you'd like to share with us?

Currently, we’re working on a feature film and a pilot script that we’re excited about along with some big photoshoots!! We’re working more with children lately. We love their free-spiritedness and the way they don’t judge themselves the way adults do. We’re excited to explore that more.

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