Eric Soucy — On A Road Trip With The New LomoChrome Purple 2019


Photographer Eric Soucy first tried our LomoChrome Purple last year on his trip to New Zealand, which we covered in an article here. When the new 2019 formula came out a few weeks ago, Eric was eager to run it through his camera again. A road trip through the American South presented the perfect opportunity for Eric to dive into purple dunes.

Eric Soucy with the new LomoChrome Purple 2019

Hi Eric! We're happy to welcome you back in the Lomography magazine. In case someone missed your previous interview, please introduce yourself real quick to the readers.

Hi! My name is Eric Soucy and I’m a photographer based out of Brooklyn, New York. I shoot mostly film and I really love to experiment with color and natural light.

Tell us about your road trip adventure you took this summer. What sparked the idea?

My partner and I went on a 10 day road trip through the American Southwest. We stopped in places such as Big Sur, Death Valley, Yosemite, Zion, the Navajo reservation, Antelope canyon, and the Grand Canyon. The trip was sparked by the idea that Climate Change is drastically changing the beautiful world we live in. We really wanted to be able to document some of these special places before they’re changed forever.

Eric Soucy with the new LomoChrome Purple 2019

Why did you choose to shoot the LomoChrome Purple on this adventure, and how did you shoot it?

After using the LomoChrome Purple on my trip to New Zealand last year which was covered here, I decided I wanted to try the new LomoChrome Purple with new landscapes. I fell in love with the film after that trip and I couldn’t wait for another chance to really explore with the product. I shot all the photos with a Canon AE-1 and Yashica T4 with 100 ISO stock.

What was your first reaction when you got the photos back and how do you like the overall results of this new 2019 emulsion?

When I first got the photos back I was blown away by the new 2019 emulsion. The product has improved so much in so many ways. The colors come through in a more natural way and the film isn’t as sensitive to subject anymore.

Eric Soucy with the new LomoChrome Purple 2019

Do you have a favorite shot of this series? If so tell us why or the story behind it.

My favorite photos of the series are from the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley. This was such a special moment because we drove all night and morning to make it to the sand dunes before 9 am when the heat would become too dangerous. When we hit the dunes we were the only ones risking the trek out into the middle of them. It was 110 degrees and we were literally roasting in the sun but yet we didn’t care because it was so special to experience something so beautiful with no one around.

Eric Soucy with the new LomoChrome Purple 2019

Do you have any advice for LomoChrome Purple newbies?

A great secret to capturing strong and bold colors is to focus for highlights and bright light. If your subject is illuminated with interesting highlights or the photo has nice hard light then the colors will come through tenfold.

What's coming up next for you? Any cool projects you wanna tease?

I am working on a new photo book right now that will be compiled of my journeys over the past three years. I also just released a music video that I directed for a band from California called The Story So Far. We shot this video over a ten-day period in Japan on super 8 and 16 film. Here’s the official article for that.

Feel free to check out Eric's website to see more of his work. Also follow him on Instagram

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  1. robertquietphotographer
    robertquietphotographer ·

    Usually I'm not a great fan of "false" colors, but in this case I have to say these photos are so special that I like the result Eric got very much. It pushes me to give a try !

  2. hannah_brown
    hannah_brown ·


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