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Japan is among the popular destinations to visit in the Far East. With a rich culture in several aspects as well as varying environments, there are so much to do and sights to see.. While there are a number of tourist-favorites among visitors, your next stop in Japan might be in Kagoshima. Nicknamed as the "Naples of the Eastern World" for its coastal and volcanic area, Kagoshima offers a different side of Japan with breathtaking views, vast landscapes, and open skies. We have Lomographer Jaclyn, a.k.a. lomographer_to_be to share her own experience in the city through the Lomography Color Negative 400.

Whenever Japan is mentioned, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are often cities that first come into people’s mind. However, apart from these cities, there are a lot of places in Japan that are worth visiting in order for visitors to experience authentic Japanese living style. Last year, Jaclyn spent a relaxing week in Kagoshima in mid-May with her friend to explore another side of Japan. The experience was truly refreshing and it is the best getaway trip that they’ve ever had.

Kagoshima is formed by a group of islands and they got to visit some of them. Since they were not driving, they traveled around the islands by different types of public transport including buses, trains, and ships. This allowed them to get a taste of the daily lifestyle of the locals. They visited the Southernmost JR (Japan Rail) station, Nishiyama Station, as well as Sakurajima, one of the most active volcanoes in Japan.

The magnificent scenery in this journey was certainly a highlight, yet what Jaclyn appreciated most was the tranquillity that she experienced. Along with the slow-paced lifestyle, she could take her time to look at things around her and better appreciate their beauty.

"Don't miss out the beautiful scenery while you are traveling between places. Although the travel time might be a bit long and you may get bored, the scenery you get to enjoy is totally worth it!. You can see the other side of Japan and enjoy some silent time with the greenery. Also, the train stations in the rural area of Japan are very nice and are really good photo-taking spots."

Jaclyn's favorite spots for photography are Yakushima and Sakurajima. Yakushima is an island which has been selected as a World Heritage Site since 1993. she had a chance to hike on the subtropical evergreen forest on the island and enjoy the beauty of nature. Sakurajima, on the other hand, is a volcanic island with magnificent scenery. On these two islands, she managed to take beautiful pictures.

Being a coastal volcanic area, Kagoshima's soil is fertile, this is a huge benefit to the region's agriculture.

"Oh, and I tried a lot of Japanese food and in fact, my favorites are the fruits there. I tried apples and tomatoes and I had never had such delicious and fresh fruit before. I certainly miss the taste of them!"

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    What make Japan are veeery good are their artistic citizen. I watched j-dorama Amachan and insantly love with one wagon train which passing the sea 💖🚂🌅🗾

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