Tipster: Scanning Film with the Lomography Smartphone Scanner


Sharing your film photographs online, particularly on social media, is one of the quickest options to put your work out there. And now we'd like to share a convenient way of digitizing your 35 mm film shots for easy scanning and sharing with the use of Lomography Smartphone Scanner. It's portable, lightweight, easy to use, and works conveniently with your smartphone.

It doesn't matter if it's Black & White, Color Negative, or Slide film. Just whip out your smartphone and the Lomography Smartphone Scanner and you're ready to go!

General Preparations

  1. Fix your smartphone to the Scanner.
  2. Turn on the Backlight.
  3. Feed the Scanner with Film.
  4. Focus the camera on your Film Strip - if necessary add or remove Stackers.

Scanning Still Images

  1. Use your phone's camera app or photo app of your choice to take pictures of each frame of your film.
  2. If you are scanning negative films you should use the “negative/invert” filter on your phone. If that is not available out of the box, you can try the Adobe Photoshop Express app.

Please note for scanning negatives you would need to invert the colors by taking the following steps: Filter -> Basic -> Invert.

Smartphone Apps You Could Try With the Lomography Smartphone Scanner

Here are a few free apps you could try with our Lomography Smartphone Scanner. You could dowload them from your Apple App Store or Google Play.

Do you have a favorite smartphone app for scanning your negatives with our Lomography Smartphone Scanner? Let us know in the comments section!

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Lomo Smartphone Scanner

This portable and easy-to-use smartphone scanner allows you to instantly scan and share your 35mm films.


  1. taketimeandfind8
    taketimeandfind8 ·

    Anybody have any tips using this with an iPhone X Max? Could never get mine to work since the 5.

  2. rdetoyato
    rdetoyato ·

    @taketimeandfind8 which app do you use? I used the photoshop app with my iphone X and it works fine (just needed to select the "W" camera lens in the app settings)

  3. taketimeandfind8
    taketimeandfind8 ·

    @rdetoyato I was just using the regular camera app. I have the XS max and was having a hard time aligning the camera with the hole. Guess I need to try again

  4. markio
    markio ·

    Hi I am considering of getting this for my 35mm film negative but from reading the comments, it seems that the position of the rear camera of the iPhone XS Max doesn't align with the pin hole view finder of the lomography film scanner? Is this true? Any advice will be helpful! Thank you!

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