Trading Places: LomoAmigo Ivan Kuek Shoots with the LC-Wide

A change of environment opens up new doors and the same can be said about photography. Using different gear to capture what your mind dictates makes you see things from a different perspective. This is what happened to LomoAmigo Ivan Kuek when he took the Lomo LC-Wide during his daily photo walks around Singapore. Ivan is a well-known mobile phone photographer in Singapore and is the co-founder of Singapore Instagram — a community of photographers who find joy in exchanging ideas and tips for photographing around the island city.

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In this set, Ivan shares with us the beauty of his neighborhood as he captured them on Lomography Color Negative films. Ivan has an affinity for architecture photography and it shows in his carefully curated feed. He used that same love for structures, lines, and framing to show us what Singapore vistas had to offer.

How was your experience with the LC-Wide?

The LC-Wide is by far my favorite compact film camera. I love the images that it produces. It's liberating to just focus on the composition and don't have to worry about the aperture or shutter speed.

What did you like about it?

It's the world's widest compact film camera at 17 mm and I love the wide-angle without much distortion. The lens is sharp and I love the vignetting it produces. The camera is very well built, light, and very compact so that I can be very discreet when taking my shot. It's also very versatile as it can shoot both full-frame and half-frames as well as multiple exposures. The only thing to remember is not to put your fingers near the lens as it's a point-and-shoot camera and you won't be able to tell if your fingers are blocking the lens.

We know that you mainly shoot with your camera phone. How was the change of pace when you shot with the LC-Wide?

When shooting with film, it definitely slows down the process. I only have 36 frames in a roll and I want to make every shot count. The lens of the LC-Wide is also wider than the iPhone so the images it produces look very different.

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Any composition tips for beginners?

“Don't think, just shoot!” Some of the photos were shot without looking at the viewfinder. The fun part about shooting with Lomo camera is to experiment and not be too caught up with composition rules. As the LC-Wide captures a very wide-angle and has short focusing distance, you'd be surprised how the image will turn out!

What can you say about the Lomography CN 100, 400, and 800 films? Which one was your favorite?

My favorite has to be the Lomo 100 as it has a very wide latitude and is able to capture both highlights and shadows. It also produces nice colors, saturation, and fine grain. Although it's ISO 100, it still performs very well in low light.

© Ivan Kuek, All rights reserved

What is your favorite image from this shoot? Why?

My favorite image has to be the composite of 2 half-frames shot at Marina Bay Sands. I wasn't sure how the image will turn out as it was my first time experimenting and shooting in half frames without the template holder. When I saw the image, I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. The transition almost seems seamless.

We would like to thank Ivan for letting us feature his images in the Magazine. If you're interested in his work, you can follow him on Instagram.

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