LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400: Travis Leung's High Contrast Portraits

The LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400 Colour Negative Film is a big surprise to all analogue lovers! We had a few test rolls when we developed the film and one of them is given to a Hong Kong photographer Travis Leung. He brought the film to shoot at night and also at the rooftop of Hong Kong old buildings. Let's check his review on the film!

Photographer: Travis Leung | Model: Winnie Ng

Darkness makes the lines of body stands out

For Travis, the high-contrast, and desaturated look of the film was the perfect aesthetic for shooting a series of nude portraits at night.

"I had always wanted to shoot a nude portrait at night, contrasting the darkness and the subject, which makes the subject's shapes and line stand out. I also went to the rooftop of old buildings and I am very intrigued by the branches of the antenna, and thus asked my friend to let me shoot with them as background."
Photographer: Travis Leung | Model: Matthew Chan

The LomoChrome Metropolis Film adds a personal touch. When asked what he thought of the new film, Travis Leung had this to say:

"The LomoChrome Metropolis has high contrast, light colour, a bit grainy and prone to green, a bit like movie stills. I think it suits my personal shooting style as they are as well low in saturation and high contrast. Therefore with this roll, I could easily create what I imagined."
Photographer: Travis Leung | Model: Matthew Chan

Taking The LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100–400 To The Streets

Travis expressed interest in taking using the LomoChrome Metropolis for street photography.

The film's distinct look and extended range are indeed useful when shooting in various situations from the controlled environment in the studio, to the dynamic lighting of on-location shooting.

Photographer: Travis Leung | Model: Matthew Chan

Future Projects for Travis Leung

When asked about his upcoming project, Travis only said:

"I will spend more time on indoor portrait shooting. Hong Kong's summer is way too hot!"

We can't wait to see more of his work. Travis is definitely a photographer to look out for.

Photographer: Travis Leung | Model: Winnie Ng

Thanks for sharing, Travis Leung ! For more of his works, please go to his Instagram

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