LomoMission Week 8 - Let's see your Extraordinary Spinner Moves!

你已和你的 Lomography Spinner 360º 試驗過我們眾多 Spinner 高手發明的秘技了嗎(或者你已研究出屬於你的獨特風格)?來上載你的精彩作品,最富創意作品將享 Piggies 獎賞。

Photo by mandi

你已和你的 Lomography Spinner 360º 試驗過我們眾多 Spinner 高手發明的 秘技 了嗎(或者你已研究出屬於你的獨特風格)?來上載你的精彩作品,最富創意作品將享 Piggies 獎賞。

So you’ve already purchased the new Lomography Spinner 360º and have experimented the awesome moves that we suggested for you? (or perhaps even created your own?) Show off how these exciting moves turned out and we’ll give prizes to the creative ones!

  • 截止日期:2010年 7 月 23 日
  • 獎品:三位優勝者會分別每人得到 30 Piggies (價值 HK$300)
  • 每人最多參賽作品:無限
  • 相機: Lomography Spinner 360º
  • 參加方法:上載相片到你的相簿內,然後在這頁下面按「加入相片」,選擇你的相片
  • Lab 使用教學(上載方法)
  • Deadline: 23 July, 2010
  • Prize: 3 winners, each will receive 30 piggies (HK$300, US$30)
  • Max submissions for each user: Unlimited
  • Camera type: Lomography Spinner 360º
  • How to submit: upload your Spinner photos in the lab, and click Add Photos on this post.
  • Lab tutorial

Check out more samples here

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