Routine Breakers for Lomographers


Our dear Lomographers, we understand your need to break from repetition and mundanity, and your photographic work is no exception. We get that as much as you will remain faithful to your favorite 35 mm and 120 cameras and formats, you all need a break from the daily regimen. Here, we have a few suggestions on how to spice up your already cyclical schedule with a couple of routine breakers.

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Instant Culture

Honestly, who would have thought instant photography would be the highlight of the 2010's? The resurgence of the medium has also put film photography back on the radar, becoming a favorite again among the artisans. Moreover, it's become a great introductory medium to enthusiastic analogue newbies. Take a break from your trusty camera for a while and indulge yourself with instant gratification, you deserve it! We have the Lomo'Instant and the Lomo'Instant Wide to choose between the standard formats. There's also the ever unique Diana Instant Square, which furthers the nostalgic qualities of your square prints. Do check out the library of instant cameras and pick your preferred function and design.

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The World in 110

Perhaps your usual photography equipment weighs you down. Rest assured, you can still keep up with your habit by simply adopting a more portable and ergonomic format, the 110. The 110 format is a nice breather from your usual luggage, opening up more space and storage while retaining your photographic routine. Don't know where to get your 110 gear? Lomography has an extensive collection of 110 cameras and 110 films.

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A Change of Style

A change of aesthetic can do wonders. Remember those old, vintage films in which you can see the open sprocket holes. Today, it's a coveted look in film photography in which making each photograph look like a cinematic still. Luckily there's an easy way to recreate the style as the wide-angled Sprocket Rocket camera exposes the whole width of the film.

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Build a Camera

Want to undertake a new project that's not focused on taking pictures, but is still related to photography? Challenge yourself in building your own Konstruktor camera, Lomography's DIY camera. A lot of Lomographers have already attempted and successfully built their Konstruktor, and you can take comfort in the fact that the pay-off is all worth the effort, as this little humble camera's certain to produce crisp and vibrant shots.

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Change Your Point of View

Maybe it all boils down to the fact that you just need a new perspective. Sometimes that's all we truly need -- a new way to see the world. Load up the Fisheye with a LomoChrome Purple film or play with color gels to create colorful wonderlands out of reality. Or how about letting yourself loose and experiment on expired films? The Spinner 360° camera is a great outlet to use those expired film rolls by creating omniscient panoramas.

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Record in Film

Feeling like your rut isn't just about film formats or gear? Perhaps what you need is a different medium to play with altogether. A better alternative to keep yourself busy and productive with your analogue lifestyle is to dip in a bit with filmmaking, photography's younger sibling. There's a lot to learn from the moving image, and the basic principles of photography also apply. No need to worry with looking for film recorders as there's the LomoKino. You'd want to check out the Screening Room for the best moving images done with the LomoKino. Otherwise, you can also use your film stills as frame-by-frame action photographs!

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Hey Lomographers! What are your recommendations to keep the analogue routine non-monotonous? Comment your suggestions below!

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  1. guin
    guin ·

    Using Future Eyes Crystal lenses adds something very different

  2. guin
    guin ·

    I've only just started using my Konstruktor and am pretty pleased that I have rediscovered it

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