Fresh and Seasoned: Film Experience Diptyches with Vicuna and Nutthiya


Stephane Heinz, a.k.a. vicuna is already a household name in the Community, known for his consistent work and versatility in analogue. We've recently discovered a budding Lomographer in the Community, Nutthiya, a.k.a. nutthiya, whose current body of work already have us waiting for more. Their different film experiences and longevity in the analogue routine for travel photography has gotten us piqued, and we are curious to know how these two Lomographers get to bring so much to the table for travel photography.

Here, we put their own stances and philosophies for the art.

Credits: vicuna & nutthiya

The Creed of the Globetrotting Lomographer

You've already known Stephane Heinz, one of our seasoned Lomographers throughout the years. He's been a part of the Lomography Community since 2006 and has been constantly sharing his wonderful art of film photography and inspiring more artists. One of the many reasons we love Stephane is his unique way of showing us the world, always putting his own emotions to the sights he sees.

"Traveling is all about discovering new things. I’m very curious by nature and kind of can get bored quickly if things are always the same. So I need, on a regular basis to see new things, to challenge myself with new places, other people and new surroundings."

Meanwhile, Bangkok-based traveler and photographer Nutthiya's been sharing her Lomographic work to the Community since June, and we're already starstruck by her fascinating visuals of places and various environments. Nutthiya loves the art of packing her things, ready to set herself off to uncharted territories:

"My happiness is to packing for a trip somewhere. I’m always happy to learn everything and to meet every people throughout the journey... Even my next journey will not soon be started, I could also happy and excited when I just have some plans for a trip and some free times to picking the camera, preparing a film and looking forward to my new trip."

The reasons why Stephane and Nutthiya both love about traveling is mutual, and it's all about the empirical education they get about the world and the people in it.

Credits: vicuna

Oh, the Places to Go

Whether new or old travel film photographers, both Stephane and Nutthiya let the wind take them wherever. There are no preferred destinations, as both go along with their moods and feelings. Both easily adapt to the environment they're in and are not constricted to a singular genre -- street shots in Bangkok, landscapes in New Zealand, portraiture in Burkina Faso.

"It depends really on what kind of places I’m visiting, but I’m quite eclectic in the types of photography I like. As my photos represent my curiosity and emotions, I can shoot everything that appeals to my eyes." – Stephane
"The locations where my photographs were taken will depend on my feeling when I want to capture them. Sometimes I feel like I want to go to the mountains. Sometimes I just wanted to stay in Bangkok to capture the moments with the people. However, photography is my favorite thing to do everywhere and every time." – Nutthiya
Credits: nutthiya

The Art and Routine of Travel Photography

For Vicuna, it's his love for traveling and the reason behind it are where he focuses his lens. It's all about looking at the world through the eyes of a child, and for him, nothing's pre-planned or judged. He lets everything and anything to come to him.

"I can be amazed by little things, by an atmosphere, by how the people act or how beautiful they can be. I never have a precise plan on what to shoot during my travels and I prefer to be inspired by the place and the moment. Without any plans, you leave the door open for unexpected moments and encounters."

Stephane mainly shoots on film, bringing with him rolls and rolls of unused emulsions, hoping that he can etch every memory on to the negative and bring them back as souvenirs. Meanwhile, Nutthiya embraces both the digital and analogue, as she believes both mediums are helpful to certain situations.

"What I will always use for my travel are at least two cameras. I will pick one digital camera and one film camera because they both supposed to be good for some special situations. I sometimes used the digital camera, because there are some situations and some photographs that the film camera cannot be used. However, one of my film cameras will travel with me to capture my good moments when there are some possible chances to use."
Credits: vicuna & nutthiya

The Next Destination

What's next for both of our wonderful Lomographers? Well, expect more scenery from Japan as both are set off to the Land of the Rising Sun, with Stephane heading off to the busy capital whilst Nutthiya will be in the historical city of Nagoya. Stephane will be along with other known Lomographers while Nutthiya's going solo.

"Well, my next big trip is to Japan, next week!! I’m looking forward to being there, to discover Tokyo but also other cities and landscapes from this fascinating country! And in fact, it’s a family travel and Lomographic trip as my brother @gheinz, his wife and their kids @lomomargot and @martingraphy are coming too! For sure we’ll have a lot of fun and shooting a lot of rolls all together!" – Stephane
"My next journey is in Japan at Nagoya. This will be my first time in Japan. I am so excited because I have planned this trip myself. I have booked the hotels, flights and selected the places I wanted to go by myself too. Moreover, I have my own imagination of what kinds of photographs I going to take and what cameras will be traveling in order to capture my memories along this first time in Japan. Anyway, I hope that I will have some good images back from Japan." – Nutthiya
Credits: vicuna & nutthiya

What do you think about traveling photography and how much do you resonate with Stephane and Nutthiya? Let us know more by commenting below!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Thanks for the interview!! Great to see a newcomer who shares the same spirit about travelling and photography! :) @nutthiya: I'm actually in Japan too, funny coincidence, isn't it? :))

  2. neja
    neja ·

    @vicuna great stuff! I was interviewed, too, not sure when it's out though

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    @neja thanks!! :)

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